Unusual baby names

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When it comes to baby names, it would appear that no name is truly unusual.
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How to find unusual baby names

When it comes to baby names, it would appear that no name is truly unusual. What might have been considered way out and weird at one time now seems commonplace. As each year goes by, popular baby names change with the times and with the parents' interests – be it fashion, gem stones, far away places or celebrities.

When parents say that they want a really unusual name for their soon to be born offspring, are they really thinking about the child and what he or she will have to live with for the rest of its life, or do they want a reflection of their own creativity? Of course, the child is an excellent reflection of creativity! Before jumping off the deep end with an unusual moniker for the little tyke, think first. Think about how you would like to go through your life with the name you select for your child. Would you like it? Would you feel important? Would it convey your parents' love for you? Or, would you feel like your parents pulled a dirty trick on you and you couldn't wait to get your name legally changed?

It's not that names should be restricted to just those tried and true ones like John, Joseph, Jane and Elizabeth (although look around playgrounds and schools—those names do not appear to be that common now). That's because people are always looking for the unusual baby names. So, in that context, what was very usual a few years ago is unusual today. What's a parent to do?!

One way to come up with a list of unusual baby names is to search the internet. There are umpteen sites that cater to just that category. You'll be able to find list after list of cute and unusual baby names from which you can make your selection. You'll be able to browse through history and find what names were popular in each year. Remember, what was popular many years ago, could be considered unusual today.

Another helpful search for that elusive name may be as close as your own family tree(s). If you already have access to your family tree, look back through the years and find out if your great-great-great grandfather (or grandmother) had a name that you would like your child to have. You don't necessarily have to limit yourself to first names only; some surnames make great first names. One such example is the name Fulton; it may have been a family member's surname, but it could also be a distinctive first name.

If you don't have a family tree printout readily available, go to one of the genealogical sites that offer help in tracking down your family tree. Many offer to do it for you—at a cost, and others give you free advice on how to do it yourself. Who knows? You may become really interested in your family history. Like you're really going to have time once the baby is born!

The names of gems such as Ruby, Opal, and Pearl are names that we have all heard, yet they are fairly unusual today. Additionally, other gems that could be considered for a really unusual name: Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Onyx and Topaz.

Some people have considered names from Greek and Roman mythology: Zeus, Athena, Hercules (although that's somewhat of a heavy burden for a small child!), Thor, Juno, Mercury and the list goes on. As you can see, it just takes some imagination on your part to come up with unusual baby names. There are internet sites that list baby names by nationalities. Check out all the different sites you can find and you'll probably find a name that is to your liking. The in-laws and the grandparents may present another problem!

Good luck!

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