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When to start dance lessons

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This little cutey is a future hoofer
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Deciding when to start dance lessons depends upon what type of dance

Even before a child is capable of speaking in full sentences she dances. Dancing and movement come before words. Movement is natural for kids. Children move to express themselves, to propel themselves from point A to point B and because it feels good. They are becoming acutely aware of their body and what they can do with it. When to start dance lessons? Sooner rather than later.

Dance is beneficial because it helps a child grow physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Dance etiquette, grooming and dance uniforms teach a child important social skills and the importance of cooperating and working as a group. However, a child needs to be a certain age to take a specific type of instruction because each style of dancing mandates different levels of maturity.

Dancing is not routinely taught in school so it is up to the parent to enroll the child in lessons independent of school if the child expresses a desire to dance.

The value of dance should not be underestimated. It effects a child's life in various way, including teaching her how to express herself through artistic movement, improving self-confidence and self-esteem, encouraging good posture, improving flexibility and strength as well as developing an understanding of musicality.

Furthermore, the student develops good memory skills because she has to remember the routines.

When a child is between the age of two and six, enroll her in a creative movement class. This is ideal because it is a playful atmosphere. She won't be in over her head. Creative movement classes are not as structured as the classes the child takes later on when she is more mature and has a longer attention span. It is not as demanding as ballet, which comes later.

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