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How to solve body shaping problems

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This is not your grandmother's foundation garment
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Foundation garments have certainly come a long way, baby!

If you are a Baby Boomer or older you certainly remember our form of body shapers: the dreaded and despised, but mandated, girdle. The girdle was the only answer for how to solve body shaping problems.

The girdle of the 1960's tucked you in so tightly that you could not breathe. It was a painful process, wrangling into it, not to mention an ugly one: I never saw a girdle that I wanted to take home to meet mom, let me put it that way. Girdles were unattractive and horribly uncomfortable. This was long before pantyhose so girdles or garter belts were needed to hold up your hose.

Girdles have long gone the way of eight-track cassette players. In their place is the glorious body shaper, which solves your body shaping problems.

The body shaper garments are in no way, shape or form comparable to the bone-crushing girdles that we dutifully squeezed ourselves into. They are far superior. Women's shapewear works well -- and they feel good while they are working. They are stretchy and comfortable, yet lift you up where you need to be lifted up and hold you in where you need held in.

With body shapers you can discreetly, effectively and even attractively hoist what needs hoisted, flatten bulges, get rid of unsightly panty lines and disguise bumpy thighs. No one will be the wiser. And even if they do catch a gander of your body shaper they are certainly not going to be appalled. They may well ask: Where did you get that?

If you have a perfect body, you are the rare exception. Most of us have certain body parts that are either too small or too big, too high or too low, too wide or too jiggly. That is where undergarments to solve body shaping problems come in to play.

Shape wear is the modern term for foundation garments, but that is where the similarity stops. Contemporary body shaping garments, which are the closest answer to a prayer when it comes to body shaping problems, are seamless. They smooth your body so that you can look good in even the clingiest outfits.

The secret behind body shaping garments, is the built in control that smooths and sculpts, as well as the padding that enhances those parts that you want enhanced. There is boning and under-wire in some of the garments, which gives you support and a very curvaceous figure. The garments are made out of material that has been especially woven so that it is slenderizing as well as comfortable. This fabric assures that there is no bulging or clinging and that the garment you wear over your body shaper drapes and feels just right. The seaming in a body shaper creates curves and whittles the waist, showing off those parts that you want to put on display and concealing those that you are not so crazy about. This is secret body sculpting at its best.

The fact is, when you slip into a body shaper you will look thinner and your curves will be redefined and where they should be. Body shapers feel natural and are flexible. You can not only move in them but you can move well and easily. Some women opt to wear body shaper camisoles instead of a bra. The camisole will provide you with enough support, eliminate back bulge, and there will not be any visible bra lines or straps.

Body shapers can re-vamp your butts, legs, waist, breasts, stomach and hips. Some body shapers cover the entire leg and come right up under the bra line, which prevents that pooch that sometimes occurs when you wear undergarments or hose that stop at your waistline

The options are nearly endless when it comes to body shaping garments. There are dresses, underpants, hose, full body stockings, biker shorts, bras that eliminate back fat and footless, footed body shapers, bodysuits and slips. That's just the start of specialty under garments for how to solve body shaping problems.

Before your next big night out on the town, in that slinky, sultry dress, you must at least consider a body shaping garment. Ten to one says you will never wear another form-fitting dress without it!

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