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Colors for Spring 2012

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Are you brave enough to wear or carry neon?
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The colors for spring 2012 include neon, tangerine and pink

Spring is a time of rekindling and resurrection. Women (and men) like to express that in their clothing color choices. After months of wearing black, gray, brown and neutral clothing, many elect to break out bold color in the spring to go along with the blooming trees and the burst of colorful spring flowers. So what are the top colors for spring 2012?

Neon is a huge color for spring 2012. Neon colors explode and can be seen from a distance. Mix fiery neon colors with muted pastels and the look is evocative of nature at its most extreme. Think of lightning or red sunsets -- or even the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Those women in the Baby Boomer category have no doubt worn neon clothing before, in the 1980s and 1960s. If you are a woman of a certain age, do you dare wear neon? Of course you can wear acid green, day-glo orange or hot pink clothing if you want to. You may want to temper it a bit and leave the neon to your accessories (jewelry, flip flops) but it is up to you. A hot pink, bright yellow or other brightly colored clutch, laptop case or id case adds a splash of color.

If you really want to wear that neon colored top, pair it with neutral colored shorts, such as black, tan, white or gray. If the majority of your outfit is black, make sure that the neon colored clothing article is grayed-down, which means it doesn’t glow as much as true neon. When you pair neon with black it is easy to come off looking like a construction worker wearing a safety vest that assures he is seen by motorists. That's not your goal.

Find tops that have neon trim or cuffs. Wear a neon belt or purchase a neon or brightly printed scarf.

According to Harper’s Bazaar the hottest color trend this spring is vivid pink. Harper’s suggests that you couple pink with vibrant blue.

Tangerine was named the color of the year by Pantone, so expect to see this color in stores and on people’s backs. Tangerine is mellow compared to orange. It has reddish undertones. This color looks good against most skin tones.

Pastel colors are in favor including mint green, which looks great next to teal, pink and yellow.

Yellow is trendy this season and you will see other bold nature colors such as the blue of the sea, lush purple, citrus orange, lilac, terra cotta and even vivid orange.

A color that is in demand is citron yellow, which is almost fluorescent. It’s a bold color and may not be for everyone but try on a citron colored outfit and find out. Kelly green is also a key color this spring as is coral, which is pinkish orange.

Try on something in yellow-green, which is considered Margarita. This color is very similar to the plants and flowers that are currently blooming in your garden.

Wear bold yellow and rich blue together or couple your bright tops with neutral pants, skirts and shorts. Those in the fashion know suggest that you combine faded neutral tones with saturated bright colors. For example, wear oatmeal colored shorts and a Caribbean green top or dusty blue with rich red.

Other colors that you will see in department stores this season include outrageous pink, apricot, and shimmery gold as well conceptual prints that are playful and sensual.

Another top color is cabaret, which is a rosy-red. An ornamental purple called Bellflower is also on the radar.

Blue is always a good summer color. It is calming. Blue-green is fashionable this season.

Look at that lilac bush in your backyard. This color, a delicate, purplish-pink, is a wonderful choice. It is dreamy.

Colors named after flowers – rose, fern, magnolia and dust – are popular this year. They are considered inspirational.

If you can’t bring yourself to get decked out in a hot pink dress or neon top then use these colors in your accessories. Wear pink sandals or carry an orange bag.  Or you can opt for neon fingernail polish.

The bright colors of spring 2012 are energizing and may reflect the world's optimism and hope for the future. Wearing color is a way of expressing your own mood as well as your zest and vivacity.

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