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Fall shoe trends

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peep toe booties
Peep-toe booties are one of the hottest fall shoe trends
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If the shoe fits, wear it! Fall shoe trends for women

Flip flops and sandals have been packed away. Summer is over, autumn is here, and now ... the shoe is on the other foot. As the leaves begin to turn, and cooler weather arrives, its time to celebrate the new fall fashions, in particular, fall shoe trends!  

Shoes are one of the most important elements to consider when selecting your fall wardrobe, after all, shoes can make or break an outfit. Before embarking on your shoe shopping sojurn, here's a sneak peak at the hottest fall shoe trends.

1)  Mules - a mule is a stylish alternative to wearing a full boot, with a heel height and toe-styling that can go from casual or super hot western looks. Western-styled mules are great to slip on with a pair of stylish high-end denims or dress slacks. These are as comfortable to wear as they look, too!, and can be worn with textured stockings for a super trendy look.

2)  Cut-out booties - a variation on the peep toe booties, cut-out booties are shoes with cut-out sides. These booties are sexy choices for fall. Maybe your feet will be a little cold, but you can always wear stockings. This fall, you will find cut out booties with a wide variety of accessories such as studs, ruffles, buckles, laces, fringe and more.

3)  Scrunch boots/slouch boots - These unique boots have been particularly popular in suede, in colors like grey, rust and eggplant. These boots look great with skinny jeans, or for a dressier look, pair with leggings and short skirt, mini dress, or belted tunic.

4)  Fringed boots - Wait! Don't throw out those fringed leather boots from 1972! The fringed boots are making a huge comeback this fall!

5)  Thigh High/Over the knee boots -Try thigh high boots with leggings, or skinny jeans. Or pair these high boots with a short skirt or dress and long jacket. Thigh high boots are sexy, sleek, sophisticated and a bold statement when it comes to fall shoe trends. 

6)  At the knee or below the knee boots - These flat, equestrian style boots are can be a more comfortable alternative to high heel boots. Try wearing them with a white shirt and blazer or dress jacket for a more professional look. Suedes, leathers and earthy colors make great choices for fall boots. 

7)  Embellished flats - Don't worry, boots are not the only fashion trend of the fall season. Flats are still the rage! This selection of fall flats has a dramatic edge, covered in everything from beads to jewels, they add sparkle to every outfit. Also popular this fall are flats with bold prints and patterns.

8) Peep toe booties - love them or hate them, open-toed booties are one of the most popular fall shoe trends. These ankle-high peep-toe booties (or bootees - depending on which designer you select) made an initial appearance last fall. Peep toe booties are back, and this time they're not holding back, since more and more designers are embracing this style. The great thing about these ankle-high booties is that they help to elongate your legs (a sexy bonus) and can be easily paired with most clothing options: skirts, dresses, leggings, jeans, trousers.

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