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Feeling comfortable in your clothes

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Loungewear is quickly becoming a closet staple for adults and kids alike
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Feeling comfortable in your clothes makes you look good too

One of the first things many of us do when we get home is to change into something more comfortable. Off go the heels and trousers and on goes the loungewear or yoga pants -- whether or not you have any intention of breathing into a downward dog.

Feeling comfortable at home

Fashion designers and makeover personalities preach style over comfort. They rarely conceive that itís possible to look good and be comfortable at the same time, but millions of leisure-clad weekenders would beg to differ. Itís easy to look good in clothing made for lounging.

Popular with adults and children alike, loungewear comes in playful designs. It features drawstring ties with an elastic waist, and is often made of the softest cotton. These clothes hug the body without constriction so theyíre perfect for any casual activities you do in your free time. But home is not the only place to be comfy.

Feeling comfortable everywhere

Feeling like yourself in trendy clothes is more of a challenge than many people would admit. Some fashions look great on women you see on the street, but once you try them on for size you feel ridiculous.

Jeggings are just one example. As absurd as Conan OíBrien looked in acid wash jeggings, women actually look fantastic in these super stretchy jeans. Yet even with the right top, like a tunic or sweater dress, plenty of ladies wonít leave the house in jeggings because they feel too self conscious. If you donít normally wear tight clothing, the clingy feel of jeggings is something youíll have to get used to, but donít let this stop you from wearing them if you like the style.

Here are a few tips to feeling comfortable no matter what you wear.

*  Test drive a new work outfit before wearing it for an extended period of time. Wearing new clothes to do ordinary things like picking up the kids or going to the grocery store helps you break them in. Better to realize in your car than at your desk that a low cut blouse should really have a tank underneath so you donít have to keep tugging it up.

*  Ask yourself what it is about the clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable. If itís flashier than youíd normally wear, pair it with an accessory that feels more you. A brown leather belt over a bold patterned dress or a cami over a breezy sleeveless top is a great way to dip one foot into fashion while keeping the other firmly planted in a style youíre comfortable with.

*  Wear your favorite pair of undies. You feel confident and sexy in your favorite underwear so why not wear them when your clothes hail from beyond the comfort zone.

*  Turn off Negative Nelly. Cosmo magazine says women focus on the negatives things about themselves. If your discomfort comes from a negative body image, not a too-short skirt, heed Cosmoís advice. You only get one body so why make yourself feel uncomfortable in it?

* says dressy comfort is about avoiding itchy fabrics, and going for versatile pieces that you don't have to think too hard about.

While the glories of loungewear cannot be overstated, itís important to feel comfortable in anything you want to wear. Soft fabrics are a treat, but lasting comfort comes from self-confidence.


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