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Feminine looks in work suits

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The fashion runways have emphasized the softer, feminine sides of corporate power suits.
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How to present a polished, professional and fashionable image in the workplace

If you are serious about your career path and professional goals, you should be equally attuned to your fashion choices and attire. A sensible, conservative but attractive wardrobe will project an image of professionalism and convey your level of competency at your job.  

The dilemma that most women face is the fact that many power suits, pants suits and professional ensembles can feel rather stifling and uncomfortable. Many women also feel that corporate power posses a very masculine image. But don't despair! The fashion runways of this spring and summer season have emphasized the softer, feminine sides of corporate power suits.

Whether you are shopping for professional clothes for a new job, or merely trying to enhance your current selection of work clothes, don't be afraid to specifically search out these more feminine work suits. Many boutiques, department stores, catalogs, and name brand clothing lines are finally promoting these professional yet feminine work suits.  

Even if you don't have the budget for splurging on new feminine fashions for the workplace, there are many easy ways to accessorize and add softer touches to the power suits you already own.  Here are some helpful fashion tips:

Read the Lines, and In Between the Lines

Seek out suits made by fashion designers who understand how to accentuate the lines and curves of the female body, without being too risque. Evaluate the lines, curves and shape of your own body. If the top half and bottom half of your body are different sizes (as many women's are) you will get a better fit by purchasing matching separates instead of a complete suit.

Have Your Business Suits Fitted

If you own business suits that may be just a bit baggy here, too tight there, if the top and bottom pieces don't seem to jive, or if they seem to have an overall dowdy appearance, take the time to have them fitted or tailored so they fit perfectly. Besides looking sharp and feeling confident, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the outfit was made just for you.

Select Suit Sets That Can Be Mixed And Matched

Take the stress out of the morning rush by investing in a collection of power suits, professional skirt suits and pants suits that can be mixed and matched. Opt for softer colors and styles that can be mixed and matched. This will give you the flexibility to wear a rose colored blazer on Monday with the black pants, and the same blazer on Friday with the white skirt.  

Accessorize with Soft Feminine Touches

A simple silk scarf, small jewelry pieces such as pearl earnings, feminine gold necklaces and pendants with gems that compliment the colors of an outfit, elegant hair clips, or even simple, delicate bracelets can enhance the femininity of any outfit.  

Avoid Questionable Fashions

While overly sexy clothing may be great for the bedroom or even a night club, it is certainly not appropriate for the office. Avoid super-short miniskirts, see-through, sheer or lace tops, or dresses with thin spaghetti straps. Some casual clothing may also appear sloppy. Avoid wearing jeans, shorts, wrinkled clothes, t-shirts, hats or sneakers.

Its all in the Details

Sometimes, your professional image can come down to how you present yourself and attend to your personal appearance.  Strive to keep your appearance professional with freshly manicured nails and avoid wearing pantyhose or stockings with runs.  Have your business suits dry cleaned to keep them looking their best.  If you carry a purse, opt for small, classy, organized handbags, or use a briefcase in the office.  Avoid large or slouchy handbags that look sloppy, or disorganized.

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