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Graphics give new golf polos a young, urban feel
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This isn't your grandfather's golf fashion anymore

Style matters on the golf course. True, your golf swing needs to be in top shape and solid putting skills are required, but your golf style clothing needs to make a statement - about you and your game.

Even singer Kylie Minogue is into the fashion of golf; she recently launched her own golf clothing line. Retail chain Steve and Barry's offers the "Bubba" line of golf clothing, which has proved popular for younger fans (and even non-fans) of the sport. And now you can find "urban" golf wear at outfitters like Tattoo Golf.

Dress code rules are still enforced at most golf courses. Although they vary from course to course, they generally follow similar guidelines: Collared shirts required (usually polos), shorts must be appropriate (not gym shorts), hats are recommended, proper golf shoes are required, and pants shouldn't have cuffs because they can trap dirt.

But, today's golf style clothing has zing. This isn't your grandfather's golf game anymore. While still fundamentally similar to its roots, golf style has evolved. Vintage knickers are out (unless you're playing St. Andrews in Scotland). Bermuda shorts are in. Tucked-in sweater vests are out. Polo shirts in. Argyle socks? Well, still in for some.


Many of the new styles of polo golf shirts are made of moisture wicking materials instead of traditional cotton. On a sweltering hot day on the course, these shirts will keep you dry and cool - and still comply with golf course dress codes. And subtle tattoo-inspired graphics are incorporated on some of the shirts, giving them less a stuffy vibe and more a young, urban feel. An added bonus.


Also sporting a new look in the realm of golf style clothing are golf shoes. Sure, saddle shoes are still gracing greens all over the country, but golf shoes have also changed with the times. Everything from suede to leather to mesh and lycra are components of the golf shoe today. Think skateboard shoes with spikes.

Hats and Accessories

Belts have always been the norm on the golf course. Generally a good rule of thumb was to wear a leather belt. Now belts come in all colors and styles. Depending on your fashion taste, you might opt for a leather belt with a chunky belt buckle to show your funky side. Or get creative on the course with ashort-lipped or flat-brimmed hat with more than just a Titleist logo on it.

Golf clothes don't have to scream "I'm a stuffy prep" anymore. With the latest trends in golf style clothing, let your personality shine through -- on the course and off.

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