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Hot handbag fashions

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Handbags are one of today's most exciting choices in fashions
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Give your outfits a finishing touch with handbags to match today's fashions

You've put together a great outfit.  The perfect dress, the ideal pants and top, or an elegant silk skirt and feather-soft wrap.  You found the shoes of your dreams.  Even the jewelry is just right.  But are you really going to grab that old purse as you head out the door?  Sure, it's familiar and it holds everything you need, but it's all wrong for that perfect outfit.

Time for some purse shopping. Tiny jeweled evening bags, buttery soft leather handbags or funky silk pouches -- there are so many choices in today's world of handbag fashions.  So where do you start?
There are a few things you might want to consider before you select your new purse.  For instance:


This may seem obvious, but color is essential to the right handbag choice.  And it might not be what you think.  

Instead of trying to match the exact shade of pink as your dress, or looking for a shiny black purse to match your shiny black shoes, think accent.  What color would provide that perfect contrast to your outfit's color?  Or what tiny detail in the trim or print could you pick out to match?  Instead of thinking of your purse as something to blend in, look at it as something to provide that final touch of color or whimsy or drama.


A quick look around the Internet's fashion sites will reveal some hot handbag fashions.  Bags made from recycled license plates and other reuse materials, fine leather creations, hand-stitched and painted works of art and bejeweled fantasy bags are just a few of your choices.  Consider the material in your outfit.  Naturally dyed organic cotton dresses might look awkward paired with a jewel-encrusted clutch, while that wearable art bag would look great with the same outfit. 


Where will your purse be when you're busy with your special day or evening?  If it will stay with you, select a shape that fits comfortably in your hand.  Or rides effortlessly on your shoulder without compromising the lines of your outfit.  Try out the shapes in the store.  Imagine wearing or holding it all evening long. Or picture it perched on a table next to you.  How will it feel and look?  Choose a shape that complements your outfit and the occasion. 


Purses and handbags are available in hundreds of sizes, from, petit fanciful sculptures that barely fit a lipstick to bags that look suspiciously like carry-on luggage for an extended plane trip.  Think about your destination.  If it's a dinner party, do you really need a bag large enough to stash your favorite book, a couple of hairbrushes, a water bottle and an assortment of pens?  A lip gloss, phone, ID, some money and your keys are probably all you really need, so chose your bag accordingly.


Will your purse be safely by your side or checked into a secure location?  Or will it be left by the sofa in a roomful of strangers?  Taking an expensive designer bag to a location where you know few people and your purse will be left alone is probably not a good idea.  Opt for an attractive, but decidedly not designer alternative and reduce the temptation for someone who just can't resist that adorable little Coach bag.

No matter what you choose, have fun selecting your handbag fashions.  It's such a small part of your outfit, but the impact on your look can be absolutely fabulous!

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