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How do I find my personal style

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Your style can be quirky or conservative
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Figuring out how do I find my personal style is a step toward looking your best

The most important thing to keep in mind when approaching the question of personal style is to BE YOURSELF. If you want to look your best, you should dress in what makes you feel best. The questions you should ask yourself after getting dressed in the morning are, “Do I look and feel my best?” and “What does my outfit say about me?” Are you a mother and a businesswoman or a freshman in college?

Having personal style is about being fashionable, but it’s also about being comfortable and feeling like your wardrobe reflects your personality. Your clothes should be as original as you are! You should always trust your gut when it comes to personal style! Ask yourself “What do I like to wear?”, and go with it!

If you don’t feel like there is anything particularly unique about your style, don’t worry. It’s easier than you think to get started!

Every wardrobe should have these essential pieces: black pants, a black tank, a little black dress, blue jeans, high-heels, a blazer/jacket, a cardigan, a basic white t-shirt, a pencil skirt, and comfortable flats.

Knowing your shape is very important when it comes to personal style! If you know your shape, you’ll be to identify pieces of clothing that will highlight your assets and eliminate articles of clothing that do not suit you well. 

For pear shape women, narrow waist and wider hips, highlight the narrowest part of your body. Wear pants and jeans with a flare on the bottom and stay away from capris and crops! When picking out a jacket or blazer, you should look for the bottom of the jacket or blazer to end past your hips instead of at your hips.

For apple shape women, fuller middle section with slim legs, try and draw attention away from your waist with empire dresses. Go for wide legged pants and jackets that graze the top of your hips. Remember: You should always aim to wear clothing that fits your body!

Inspiration is key! Find a style- icon from the past, Look at pictures of your favorite celebrities for inspiration. Fashion catalogs and magazines are great places to look for inspiration as well! While looking through magazines, tear out every picture that contains fashion you like. Focus on styles that stand out in your mind.

After having a decent pile built up, look through it! You’ll begin to notice similarities between each of the outfits. Shop somewhere new, and give yourself bonus points for buying something you normally wouldn’t have. Take risks and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! You might surprise yourself. When you begin to pick accessories and clothes from lots of different places based on what you really love, you’re on your way to creating a “look” that you’re known for.

If you already like your look, you’re not off the hook either. If you’re not always looking for little ways to add to your look, it’s easy to fall into a style-rut. It’s always important to change things up and find new ways to express yourself.

By branching out from the local mall and shopping online instead, you can find original pieces that will stand out in your wardrobe. These items are the basics that create a signature style or an aesthetic that you are known for. Focus on buying good quality pieces that you really love even if you have to splurge. Being more unique and original with your wardrobe choices means standing out as an individual, so it’s worth it!

Personal style is something you’re always going to be developing, and fashion will always be changing, but it’s important not to lose sight of being an individual. Remember, your age, lifestyle, occupation, or environment, shouldn’t mean that you have to give up your personal style. In fact, being restricted to a uniform or dress code makes it even more important to have great signature style staples. If you have unique items you really love, then there are plenty of easy ways--- as easy as a pop of color or a signature accessory,-- to set yourself apart from the crowd with your sense of style. 

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