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How to bleach your hair

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bleached hair
Soft healthy blond hair is possible if you know how to bleach
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Know how to bleach your hair safely if you decide to go blonde

Bleaching your hair is one beauty procedure you want to do with care and precautions. Bleaching your hair pigment strips your strands from the natural hair color and can be detrimental to your hair if not done properly.

Know how to bleach your hair correctly for a great blond outcome. Here are a few guidelines to follow for a successful bleaching:

Do Your Research

Ask your hairdresser for recommendations on bleaching kits, because this is something you do not want to skimp on. The quality and strength of your bleach will directly impact your result -- and you want this to be a success!

Professional beauty supply retailers sell some of the best and most top rated hair bleaching kits, They also sell conditioners to prepare your hair before you bleach. Ask yourself if bleaching would be better handled by your salon if you don't feel confident undertaking the project. Asking a friend to help you can help ensure a good bleach result.

Remember to take precautions because you are handling a very strong chemical!


Before bleaching your hair -- and after -- deep condition your hair.

A few weeks before bleaching nourish your hair with an intensive, nutritive balm or conditioner. You are about to strip your hair of all its pigment, so a little extra push of health and your hair will thank you!

Materials Needed

Bleach Kit
Gloves: latex or rubber; latex will let you have more mobility than thicker rubber gloves. Rubber gloves offer more protection.
Towel: an old towel you don�t mind bleaching
Mirror: a large mirror to see your progress
A good friend: always a great help, helping you bleach those hard to reach places!


Handling hydrogen peroxide is dangerous. It should be treated as the strong chemical it is. Reckless use of hair bleach will cause: hair loss, scalp blisters and other problems.

If you are pregnant, make sure to check with your doctor before using any type of chemicals on your body.

Strand Test

Test a strand of your hair and a smaller patch of your skin (maybe elbow or behind your ear). This is to make sure you are not allergic to the chemical and will not have any adverse reactions.

Go For It!

1. Since bleaching can get messy, do it in the bathroom and wear clothes you don�t mind ruining ... just in case you spill, splatter or drip.
2. Wear a towel around your neck for extra protection.
3. Wear latex or rubber gloves.
4. Rub Vaseline or lotion along your hairline and ears, so the peroxide won�t spread.
5. Section your hair and start the bleach on the back, working quickly towards the top so it all bleaches at the same rate.
6. Cover your hair with a cap and set a timer to the instructions on the package.
7. When the time is almost over, bleach the roots but be careful to not touch the scalp!
8. When the time is up, rinse out and gently shampoo. Be careful to not get any bleach in your eyes!
9. Never, ever attempt to bleach your eyebrows. This is extremely dangerous and close to your delicate eyes.
10. Condition hair after shampooing to help your hair not feel too stripped.

Want to lighten your hair naturally? You can do it with just the help of herbs and/or lemon juice!


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