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How to dress retro

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Retro dressing with style and attitude!
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How to dress retro to create a rockin' retro look!

The retro fashion look is hot right now for several reasons. People are looking to save money on everything, including fashion, and going retro is one way to do that without having to sacrifice looks. There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you are able to put several pieces together and create an amazing look, and at the same time, save money!

The popularity in dressing retro is also hot because the look is so easy to assemble. The retro style period was big on separates – pieces that were sold separately as opposed to sets or suits of clothing. Separates allow a person to put their own wardrobe together, finding pieces that complement their own choices. With a little creativity and individuality, anyone can adapt the look and suit it to their own tastes and preferences.

Why else is the dressing retro look hot? Because, well, it’s just hot! You can take the whole concept and develop a new look and style based on the pieces that you choose to put together. The whole idea of the retro look lets the fashion-forward individual use their creativity and style to carve out a definite look for themselves. The look has caught on quickly and people are looking at ways on how to dress retro so they too can be fashionable.

Your Unique Style

You can learn how to dress retro by adapting a style of your own that’s unique to your personality. The retro look is a period of fashion that falls between the 1920s to the 1980s. Those sixty years of amazing styles lends itself to finding incredible bargains and using amazing patterns, prints and unusual pieces to forge an unforgettable look.

Anyone can learn how to dress retro by studying various fashions and the retro period, taking note of what people were wearing then and what the popular (and not so popular) items were. Remember the go-go skirt, the flapper, the disco pants and the hoop dress? How about women's retro fashions or beachcomber clothing from the 50s? All of these looks have made and are still making a phenomenal comeback onto the fashion scene. 

The "Look"

You can usually study films, movies, read books and magazines or any other print media or television media that is from the time period that you’re interested in. Being fashionable, looking good and learning how to dress retro only requires a little creativity and these few tips:

- Decide which time period you want to go with. Will it be the roaring 20s or the swinging 60s? Whatever time period you decide to go with, make sure that you’re comfortable with it and that it fits your personality well. You don’t want to wear a particular item if you don’t feel comfortable in it, no matter how popular it is.

- Mix different retro decades together. This means doing exactly what you want to do and creating your own fashion statement. You can take a piece of jewelry from the 40s and pair it with a hoop dress from the 60s. Putting your own style together is the fun in dressing and rocking the retro look.

- Look to Hollywood icons. There are some Hollywood actors and actresses that made such an impact in the fashion world during their time period, that they’re worth mimicking. Remember the memorable look(s) that Mary Tyler Moore always had on her television shows? Her empire waist dresses and nude shoes always made her look smart and cute at the same time. Also don’t forget the lasting impression that the guys had in the 60s with their letter sweaters. Many high school students are starting to sport this same look now, looking back to that time for guidance.

- Shop online retailers. The online shopping world is a great place to look to find that “look” that you want to put together and create a style that’s all your own. You can save time and money by looking for exactly what you want without wasting time.

- Shop garage sales and thrift stores. Many times, people unknowingly discard their retro fashions without fully realizing what they’ve done. Many vintage fashion pieces from the extensive time period are just as popular as they were then. Second hand fashions - like dresses 1960s style -- are often just as good as first, and with a little repair, can be as good as new.

The retro fashion look without a doubt is here to stay and will be a part of the fashion world for quite a while to come. While dressing the part is only half the look, confidence and attitude is the other, and with a few of the right pieces put together, you can pull the look off too. Have fun and look good with your new retro style!

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