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How to exfoliate skin

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Beautiful skin adds blush to an inner glow of happiness
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When it comes to how to exfoliate skin, easy does it

Easy does it is the way to go when it comes to the question of how to exfoliate skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. Its supple canvas carries womanly adornments such as lipstick, eye shadow and perfume or manly accoutrements such as after shave and deodorants whose aromas mimic those of the spice isles or the woodlands. Skin provides a protective physical barrier against invading microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Its wondrous construction is reconstituted automatically as new skin cells are manufactured below the surface and old cells flake off—or are exfoliated through the use of gentle yet effective products. Today, there is an abundance of specially formulated creams, lotions and scrubs that contain vitamin-rich emollients, natural fragrances and essential oils that bring a glow to the complexion of the face or any portion of the body. Oftentimes, the components of these products vary depending upon what part of the body will receive attention. A refreshing cream that smoothes, polishes and scrubs away rough skin on the elbows, knees and feet will be formulated differently than a product for use on the face. When it comes to the question of how to exfoliate skin, one tends to tackle the roughest areas first. And for many, the use of an elbow, knee and foot treatment kit does the trick in fine style. But what are the techniques used in exfoliation? Learning how to exfoliate skin is a challenge anyone can master.

Steps to exfoliating skin

Many beauty consultants are protective of their secrets when it comes to how to exfoliate skin. There is profit in having a captive audience that seeks their services week after week. Women and men alike are desirous or beautiful, smooth skin but they tend to believe there is a mysterious process involved in achieving a glowing complexion on the face or elsewhere. In reality, one can learn easily how to exfoliate skin and do it at home. Start with a gentle, body scrub that clears away dead skin cells, embedded dirt and environmental impurities such as dust, pollen and microscopic allergens. The most popular of these products leave the skin clean and silky and are natural body scrubs whose scents are lingering yet subtle.

It’s true that the luxury of a spa or a high-end beauty salon where exfoliation is available is an environment designed to please. But the truth is that exfoliation techniques are basically simple ones. Shared here are the basic techniques of how to exfoliate skin. Use a rough-surfaced, loofah-style beauty glove for feet and elbows. Use a softer material for arms, legs and face. And consider using a back brush loaded with exfoliating cream for accessing the hard-to-reach skin between neck and waist. Chances are good you’ll be including in your beauty regimen—if you haven’t already—a simple exercise routine, perhaps a beginner workout that will add an extra dimension to your personal beauty rituals.   

Learn some universal techniques

Tips for exfoliating the face: Wash gently and leave skin moist. Apply the facial exfoliating cream or lotion of your choice. Using a wash cloth or cleansing pad, begin at the center of the forehead and using small, circular motions. Work your way down each side of the face. When learning how to exfoliate skin, be mindful of using light pressure.

Tips for exfoliating the arms and legs: When it comes to the question of how to exfoliate skin, an important thing to keep in mind is direction. Arms and legs can best be exfoliated using oval-shaped strokes. Work from the thigh area to the ankle. Work from the shoulder to the wrist. Apply the pressure in a downward motion, rather than a back-and-forth motion.

Tips for exfoliating elbows and feet: The elbows and feet oftentimes can endure a thorough scrubbing with a product whose scrubbing grains are larger than those found in facial products. In elbows, use circular motions that extend outwards from the center of the elbow. In feet, use long strokes and include the sides of the foot, the sole and the tops of the toes.

What the doctors say about skin

Skin is an amazing substance. Learning how to take care of it sometimes is a challenge in these days of hustle bustle at work and at play. Numerous influences determine the health of one’s skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), one’s general health is reflected in the skin. Diet, exercise, medical conditions, and many other factors have an impact on one’s skin. Learning how to exfoliate skin is a first step in self-care. One report from the AAD presents facts about stress and skin. Knowledge is important. And beauty is skin deep.

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