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How to get super hot curves

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Curves help you fill out your clothing
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It's easier to 'buy' your curves than undergo plastic surgery

Face it: Some women, no matter how hard they work out, are never going to achieve a curvaceous body like Jennifer Lopez. It's just not in their DNA, regardless of the number of crunches and butt exercises they do. How to get super hot curves? There is always plastic surgery, including butt enhancement and liposuction but ... wouldn't you prefer to do it the easy way?

Let's say your greatest desire is to have junk in your trunk ala Kim Kardashian, but you cringe at the thought (and the price) of getting butt enhancement surgery. Instead, buy padded underpants, butt pads or various alternative butt boosters.

This will do the job, not cost you much money and keep you off the operating table. It's a lot safer and certainly more affordable. These bottom boosters give you the silhouette you desire.

Butt Pads

Butt pads are worn in conjunction with panties, featuring specialized pad pockets keeping the pads in place. Some pads can be worn in your own underpants.

The pads are made of silicone and feel like a real butt. If someone pats your booty, he (or she) will never know you are wearing pads. These pads can be worn in various types of underwear, including bikini, boy shorts and boxers.

Booty Bra

Yes, a bra for your tush. The butt bra lifts and separates your rear end, which makes you look more curvaceous and youthful. The butt bra smooths and slims the waist, back and abdomen.

Butt Lifting Bands

Consider using bum-lifting bands, which operate the same way a push-up bra does. The bands are made of special material, giving an upward push to flat butts.

Padded Underwear

If you would like to create a higher butt line --tushies do sag over time -- or the illusion of fuller cheeks, slip into a pair of padded underwear. They can be worn under anything, including leggings, and not be detected.

Slip into shape wear designed to lift the bottom. It smooths, sculpts and elongates the body. You will look curvier yet slender. You will be amazed at the improvement to your overall look when the butt is hoisted up.


You love wearing form-fitted skirts but your flat rear end distresses you. You are not happy with the way you look, especially from the backside, when wearing a skirt. The high waist body shaper skirt comes to the rescue! It is made of Latex, is comfortable yet effective. This compression garment gives the body and butt improved shape. The fabric hoists the bottom upward. This is your go-to shaper when you must have a flawless look.

Another option is an invisible open-bust (you wear your own bra) bodysuit shaper that controls the waist, back, belly and thighs, ending at the knee. This prevents panty lines and makes your rear end look superb while wearing skirts, dresses and pants.

All Over Coverage

When you want all-over control, choose a below-the-knee bodysuit, creating a smooth, slim silhouette. It is comfortable. It does not cinch. It erases bulges and bumps created by underwear or Mother Nature. You wear this with your own brassiere.

Just think about it. Would you rather spend untold hours at the gym trying to develop the rump of your dreams or would you rather enhance what you've got and not have to sweat so much? Of course, working out is important and necessary for your health but, come on! Give yourself a break. It doesn't always have to be THAT hard.

Yes, you CAN get a new rear for the new year!

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