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How to look trendy with vintage jewelry

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vintage ring
Gorgeous filigree vintage ring
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Look trendy with vintage jewelry because what's old is new again!

Use vintage jewelry to enhance your personal style and set yourself apart from the latest fad, while staying current with fashion trends. Vintage jewelry is often found at antique shops and jumble sales, or even in your grandmother’s drawer of unused items.

If you like the look of vintage and prefer something new, there are plenty of jewelry stores that carry through-back designs. These sites offer classic styles in modern materials.

Here are some ideas for wearing vintage-style jewelry.

Be delicate.

Soften the look of structured suits by adding delicate jewelry. Filigree is metal worked into lacy patterns and was brought into fashion in the Edwardian era. Look for metal colors that compliment both your personal style and your personality. Rose gold tones add a bit more femininity while black metal tones enhance austerity.

Need more color? Look at pieces that incorporate colored crystals or semi-precious stones.

Go natural.

The earlier part of the 20th century celebrated all things natural. Flora and fauna showed up in many designs, from jewelry to fabric patterns and architecture to sculpture. Show off your boho-chic side with a bundle of bracelets made to look like delicate tree branches. Tie them together with a length of raw leather to add some fringe. Consider pinning a shorter or adjustable length necklace around your head to dress up your hair, too.

Be daring and a little different – all while looking great.

Visit the Abbey.

If you’re a fan of this popular drama, then vintage jewelry is perfect for you. Strands of pearls and delicate drop style earrings are a must for this look. Adorn a simple coat or jacket with a brooch. Make it a cameo or crystal centerpiece for even more flair. Newer, faux gem pieces often look as good as their ritzy counterparts without being expensive. 

Vacation at the seaside.

Long for those relaxing days on the beach? Bring some of that feeling into your everyday life with some beach inspired vintage jewelry. Glimmers of gold, dancing silver, warm turquoise and brilliant blue are the colors to look for. The 1960’s brought us large, geometric pieces that are perfect for statement necklaces. Dressing up a basic t-shirt and shorts combo? Go for lighter or delicate pieces and keep the look subtle.

Relive traditions.

No matter how modern the bride, there will likely be an element of tradition in every wedding. This role often falls to the jewelry, in the form of pearls, antique diamonds or semi-precious stones. Crystal studded combs or embellished tiaras can complete a look the look for any bride. For the perfect bridesmaid gift, consider teardrop or chandelier earrings that coordinate with the bridesmaid dress.

You can incorporate your love of the quality, design and unique style of vintage jewelry with your modern clothing and accessories. For a sure thing, go for the classic styles in your contemporary collection. The newer cuts, prints and fabric types are likely to pair well with the jewelry you’d like to wear.

Also, keep a sharp eye out for pieces that have special qualities to them, such as embellished clasps or uncommon center stone designs. It’s the fun and funky look that will keep you classically trendy.

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