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How to makeup brown eyes

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brown eyes
Dreamy brown eyes are the perfect palette for makeup
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How to makeup brown eyes with tips to enhance the depth and beauty of your eyes

Oh, those brown-eyed girls and the makeup tips for brown eyes that make the most of their assets. Think of Britney Spears and her chocolate eyes. She has certainly had her ups and downs but that aside, she is one of those blondes (artificial but who cares?) with staggeringly beautiful brown eyes. What about brunettes Julia Roberts and Salma Hayek and those drop dead gorgeous brown eyes of theirs?

Brown eyes are easy to work with. A variety of eyeshadow colors look good with dark eyes and enhance them.

How can you make the most of dark eyes? Here are some make-up tips for brown eyed girls.

Enhance the depth and allure of your orbs by using shades of deep, brown or blue, as well as violet, purple, plum, vanilla, blue gray, gold and nutmeg. Darker shades are more dramatic while lighter shades result in a more natural look if that is your preference. 

Metallic eye shadows and liners look good coupled with brunette eyes or consider applying pink shadow to your lids. The use of pink shadow combined with a darker tone in the eyelid crease makes your eyes look brighter, while gray liners and shadows will result in a sultry, smoky look.  

If you wear lighter colors around your brown eyes, this will make your eyes look bigger, while darker colors recede and minimize. Wear minimal make-up on the rest of your face if you want the focus to be on your eyes.

Although it might not have occurred to you, a make-up tip for brown eyes to keep in mind is that soft brown shadow looks great with brown eyes. Brown eyes, of course, come in various shades as do brown eye shadows and liners so experiment and see what shades look best on your eyes. Those with dark brown eyes should opt for medium or light brown eye shadow. If your eyes are light brown select medium or dark brown shadows. Medium brown eyes are adaptable to any shade of brown shadow.  

Use a deeper brown in the eyelid crease and a lighter hue on your lids. Go heavy on your liner or tone it down, depending on whether you are going for an overtly dramatic look or more toward the natural.

Another wise choice is gray shadow, which will enhance the beauty of your dark eyes.

A good make-up tip for brown eyes is using the color purple -- but do not go too dark.  A lighter or mid shade purple will make your eyes pop. The color purple looks particularly good on women who have olive or dark skin and brown eyes.

When using liner on brown eyes, choose a liner in a dark shade that closely matches your eye shadow. You can play around with eyeliners colors, including plum or navy shades.  

If you have brown eyes but are a blonde rather than a brunette this is an unusual and wickedly beautiful combination. Choose pastel colors and earthy shades when selecting eye make-up.  

Consider which "season" your coloring is and determine what pattern your eyes are. Look at your eyes in a well-lit mirror. Do your eyes look like cracked glass (summer), a spoke wheel (winter), an Aztec sun with spots and swirls (autumn) or a round sunburst (spring)?

Now check out your hair color and eye color. If you have dark brown, black or chestnut hair with eyes that are brown, hazel, blue or green you are a winter.  

However, if your hair is ash brown or ash blonde and you have blue, brown, hazel or green eyes, think of yourself as summer. The autumn woman has brownish golden hair or chestnut-, auburn- or red hair with dark brown eyes or green or hazel orbs. Spring ladies have blond, golden brown or red hair with blue-gray, green, blue or turquoise eyes.  

Once you have determined your season and what type of pattern your eyes are choose colors that work well with your natural color palette. 

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