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How to tie a necktie

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Man tying necktie
If you want to get anywhere in this world, knowing a few basic things like tying your own necktie is a simple but necessary step in joining the world of professionals and men who don't have to ask somebody else to make a knot for them
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Ready to launch forth into the world of grownups?

There are a few commodities that every man looking to get anywhere in the world must stock up on. Driving a manual transmission comes to mind (automatic Porsches are taboo, Brother), knowing how to cook at least one basic meal (yes, pasta counts), and very importantly, learning how to tie a necktie.

It seems to be one of those things that you can get away with for a long time moving sneakily into dances and jobs all the while relying on some crutch. The poor person progessively gets perturbed at each new tying request and inevitably ends up with the responsibility of leaving you with loopy knots which you can then drape around your neck and simply slide into place. If you are in your mid-20s and still doing this, please, oh please, read on, my ill-mannered and knot-less companion.

Nothing Fancy, Just Learn the Basics

The Windsor knot lends itself easily to learning even to such non-fashionites as myself who still think a bright red shirt matches some canary yellow slacks. Considering practicality, Windor knots are optimal for job interviews and other formal, confidence-needed predicaments. 

But let's learn how to tie a necktie before we go out and select something that looks like that candy cane swirly sign outside an old barber shop. No optical illusions around our necks needed.

Here's What You Do, in Very Simple Steps


1) Hang around neck and let the wide side extend on your right a foot lower than the narrow side on your left. 

2) Cross wide section over narrow and lift the former up through the loop. 

3) Then bring down so the wide part is on your left. 

4) Now take the large end of the necktie and move it underneath the back of the tie. The tag of the necktie should be showing. 

5) Wrap the wide end of the necktie through the top of loop on the right side of the loop. The tag of the necktie should be showing again.

6) Move the large end of the necktie over the knot. The tag of the tie should now be against your shirt. 

7) Take the large end of the necktie and pull it through the loop. Starting with the tip of the large end of the necktie, pull it down through the knot. 

8) Pull the large end of the necktie tight and adjust the knot so it looks uniform and tight. Pull the necktie tight by holding the knot and pulling on the small end of the tie. 

Bonus Step: To get a nice dimple in your tie, push on the middle of the of the tie and squeeze the sides up into the knot.

I assume the above directions sound mangled and confusing but such is the path towards learning how to tie a necktie. I myself believe looking at a step-by-step diagram can be more helpful than mere words. I've provided a few links below where this option is available.

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