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How to wear a scarf

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Wear a scarf to add color and style to any outfit without breaking the bank
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Take a tip from today's fashionistas and learn how to wear a scarf

One of the most popular looks this season is the scarf.  Ladies scarves have always been an easy way to add color and interest to an outfit, but never before have so many beautiful choices been so readily available and so inexpensive.

As tempting as these swirls of silk or fine wool may be, many women today have no idea how to wear a scarf.  The scarves in the stores today are longer and wider than the ones worn in the 1940's and 50's, when a scarf was used to protect one's hair from a windy convertible ride. Today's scarves offer many more possibilities.  Here are some ideas for selecting and wearing a scarf now.

Allow a scarf to add color and mystery to bare shoulders

When the evening calls for an elegant strapless or spaghetti strap dress, add the finishing touch with a gossamer scarf worn around the shoulders.  Select a sheer and almost weightless material like silk or chiffon to add color without covering up the lines of your dress. Choose a fabric shot through with metallic threads for an extra bit of sparkle in the evening's lights.

Dress up a plain blouse or sweater

Years ago, business women often wore a scarf tied around their neck as a way to add a more feminine touch to the severe and masculine lines of their grey business suits.  The effect was rather like a female version of the necktie.  Take their idea, but instead of tying the scarf tightly around the shoulders or tucking it primly into a neckline, let it wrap and flow around your sweater or blouse.  Use an interesting piece of costume jewelry or art jewelry to keep the scarf in place.  A warm jewel tone, a soft pastel, or a daring pattern in a lightweight wool or substantial silk are good choices for business wear.

Add a bit of allure with a scarf worn on the hips

Belly dancers and gypsies have known for centuries that a scarf worn low on the hips adds a sensual look to a woman's attire.  If you are concerned about how to wear a scarf on the hip, look at images of belly dancers online.  You'll see that the scarf is worn asymmetrically, with one side at waist height, and the other tied about mid-hip.  This is a wonderful look with a longer skirt, but it also works well with jeans.  For a more bohemian look, layers two contrasting scarves together before you tie them around your hips.  Choose a very light silk or synthetic material, perhaps embellished with shiny coins or jewels.   Or go for a hand painted scarf as a wearable art.

Choose a colorful scarf to wear hijab-style

Sometimes a woman's beauty lies in what is not shown.  That's the idea behind the hijab or head scarf worn by many Muslim women. Once the norm among educated or wealthy women of all religions, the head scarf can be used as a religious symbol or a fashion statement. Wrapping the hair in a delicate silk scarf that matches your outfit is a lovely way to frame your face and lend an exotic look to your appearance.

Selecting a scarf

Take your time when selecting your scarves. Pay attention to the size, texture, colors and patterns.  Make sure the scarves you select are right for the style and fabric of your attire. Add a variety of weights, sizes and styles to your wardrobe so you'll always have a beautiful way to add color to any outfit.

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