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How to wear a sweater

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Sweaters can be more than just warm and comfortable.
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Here are some things to know about wearing sweaters

Knowing how to wear a sweater may depend on whether or not you consider yourself a Lana Turner or a Perry Como type. Even if you  are a plus-sized person, there is a sweater that will flatter you. For Lana types, sexy tight fitting fares well and for Perry, loose comfortable cardigans are more the style. Cardigans also work for women too. Dated as these sweater examples are, they are still applicable today for the same reasons they were fifty years ago; namely, their comfort, style, attractiveness and warmth.

It's the middle of winter; certainly sweater time if there ever was one. Knowing how to wear a sweater means knowing how to go beyond the garment itself, so to speak, and accessorize. Belts fare very well in these instances. Soft and fluffy womenís cardigans contrast well with skinny patent-leather belts.  if you are a plus-sized person, you may prefer to wear sweaters long and unbuttoned. Read on for some ways to maximize the effect when you wear a sweater.

Some things to know about how to wear a sweater

1- Unless you are built like Twiggy, that English model from the 1960s, avoid wearing sweaters with tight sleeves. They are never flattering to a womanís arms.

2-Sweaters with scooped or V-necks are best for more voluptuous figures as their proportions balance. Womenís winter sweaters can be all the fashion rage if selected and worn properly.

 3- Scooped or V-necks are best for more voluptuous figures, as their proportions balance out the bodyís curves. This is also the case with sweaters having puffed sleeves. Stick with asymmetric knitwear as it breaks up the lines of the body and is often more flattering than more conventional shapes. For men, roundĖnecked sweaters are the best choice because of the symmetry their outline provides.

4- Consider color scheme when learning how to wear a sweater. Donít wear blue or green knitwear with jeans because when contrasted with the mottled tones of denim, the total look may not be properly color coordinated or contrasted.

5- Consider the whole outfit you are creating when learning how to wear a sweater. What you will wear with it; scarf, shoes, boots or sandals can greatly affect the total look.

 6- Menís cardigans can be very stylish and can be worn unbuttoned over a narrow shirt. When learning how to wear a sweater, if you are a man, consider the fact that the fit may be subject to change depending on what is worn underneath the sweater. For example, a cashmere sweater that you plan to wear over a T-shirt may need to be a larger size than a merino wool crew neck sweater that you plan to just throw on with jeans.

You want the sweater to fit well and show off your shape, especially if you choose a bulky knit. If you are a plus-sized person, be aware  that larger sizes will not conceal that spare tire, but will make you look larger and a bit sloppy.

So whether you are a woman or a man, plus-sized or regular size, are more like sexy Lana Turner or cool and calm Perry Como or anywhere between the two, somewhere there is a sweater that will complement you and your particular body type.

Seek and you shall find.

Learn how to wear a sweater the right way and it will be a fashion winner every time!

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