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How to wear bangles

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Bangles for wrist
Wear these with almost anything!
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How to wear bangles for a fashionable and bo-ho or ethnic chic look

Although bangles originated in Southern Asian countries such as India, they are a very popular accessory in the United States. They come in virtually every color and can be made of many materials, sterling silver and gold - all the way to wood. Even better, bangles are very versatile - they can be worn with almost anything!

Here's are ideas on how to incorporate beautiful bangles into your outfit:

Dark Clothing

Say you're wearing a dark top and/or dark bottoms. This is the perfect way to make your outfit shine with gold or silver bangles as they will really stand out. It is not a fashion crime to wear an outfit that is predominantly dark in color, but if you decide to accessorize, you should have at least one accessory that isn't dark in color that stands out, and what better way to achieve that than with bangles!

Night Out Clothing

If you think your look consisting of voluminous, wavy hair, dramatic smoky eyes, a black, body-hugging mini dress, patent leather pumps, and a shimmery clutch is missing something, you're right!

Add shiny gold or silver bangles to up the sexy factor. Neon colors and richly toned jewels really pop as well.

Casual Clothing

Is it a slouchy top, boyfriend jean, and comfy flats kind of day?

Make your look a little less "blah" by adding bangles to it. Gold and silver colors work well, but colors such as pink or blue will make it extra special.

Business Attire

Sometimes business attire can look a bit boring; at times there can be so many limitations on what you can wear. Make your look more exciting by adding bangles to it.

Don't go too crazy with this look, though. Keep it professional by sticking to bangle colors of gold, silver, or black.
Bohemian Clothing

Bracelets with spherical beads and bangle bracelets work wonderfully with the bohemian look. Although you can experiment with a variety of colors, earth tones are always a hit.


People often under accessorize or don't accessorize at all when putting on a swimsuit, but it's crazy not to if they have bangles! Make a black bathing suit extra chic with gold or silver bangles. Wearing something a bit more fun and colorful? Go crazy with colorful bangles! More than one color can be worn at the same time, so really go all out - after all, it is summer. Make sure you wear bangles that are safe in water! 


A Polo top, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, and Sperrys look can feel a bit one dimensional. Add a bit more to it by adding bangles - they can be any color. Bangles will urbanize your look without overpowering the preppy style.

Children's Wear

Who says bangles are just for an adult? Let your little one bring out her girly side with colorful bangles.  Also check stores like Justice and Claire's for bangles with different characters on them, from Hello Kitty to Hannah Montana. Matching doesn't matter; it's all about your child having fun with accessorizing.

Fall/Winter Wear

Chilly weather is not an excuse to under accessorize. Some people have the false idea that they can't wear bracelets if their wrists are covered with long sleeves. This is wrong, and bangles can be worn to compliment almost any winter outfit! If your sleeves are that long, just wear the bangles over your sleeves - there's no fashion law that says your bangles need to have skin contact. If your sleeves just barely come to your wrists, then a few bangles peeking out from under your sleeve will suffice. Stick to gold and silver bangles, as these are holiday favorites.

From summer swimwear to winter turtlenecks, bangles can work their way into any season's wardrobe. Bangles aren't only versatile in that they can be worn with many outfits; they also come in a variety of prices, ranging from very cheap to very expensive. Therefore, there is no excuse for any girl not to spice up her outfit with bangles!

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