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How to wear denim

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Levi Strauss
Levi Strauss was really onto something when he made denim blue jeans
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We LOVE our blue jeans! There are various ways how to wear denim

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were really onto something when they came up with the concept of using denim to make blue jeans, which are probably the most popular garment in the universe.

When blue jeans first appeared on the scene they were referred to as "waist overalls" and were worn when working. It wasn't until about 1960 that consumers started referring to these pants as "jeans."

Over the years, denim has morphed into denim jackets and skirts and dresses and handbags. Denim is a versatile and much-loved fabric and knowing how to wear denim clothing is one of the most basic fashion lessons.

Denim was initially associated with blue collar workers, who work denim while they worked. But, denim managed to transcend that perception and is now worn by everyone, including the old and young, the rich and poor, the white collar, blue collar or no collar.

Denim is a kind of cotton textile that possesses strong weave twill featuring diagonal ribbing. Denim is generally considered a  casual material although you can combine denim jeans or a denim skirt with high heels, a beautiful top or blouse and jacket or shrug and the look becomes more formal. When wearing a denim skirt, add some funky tights or leggings to the ensemble and ankle boots.

At your work place there may be a specific rule as in NO BLUE JEANS, meaning there is a ban on denim. However, your workplace may also offer casual Friday and you can wear your favorite jeans on that day. Don't wear the one with the torn knees and the hole in the butt though!

Dark colored jeans are more acceptable in the workplace although your old, worn and faded jeans still look great for hanging out with your friends or at home. Comfortable jeans are a little piece of heaven and most of jeans have a long history attached to them -- remember when we did such and such, and, yes, you were wearing those jeans.

Dress up your jeans with a sizzling belt and shoes or boots. If you have a great pair of boots that you want to show off, roll up your jean pant legs or tuck them into your boots.

Outside of the work place, if you need to patch up your beloved jeans, find some cools patches and sew or iron them on. This is vintage looking and reminiscent of the still-trendy fashions that hippies created. Jeans can be worn with stilettos or wedges, sneakers, sandals, flip flops or espadrilles. In fact, denim goes with just about anything.

Denim is now stretchy so it s more comfortable. Large men and women can wear it whereas they might not have felt comfortable in denim in its earlier and less-giving incarnation. Denim pants can be straight legged, boot legged, flared, low waisted or high waisted. Some jeans have back pockets, some don't. Some feature designs while others are plain.

Esquire advises men not to wear saggy, baggy jeans that flare too much. Your jeans should fit. And, heavens, when they fit a man well it's all women can do to not swoon. There is something about a man (and his backside) in a well fitting pair of jeans. Do not go for embellished jeans or those that have a zillion pockets or rivets and stitching on them. Medium blue is the best color for jeans.

When you are being casual your jeans can be lighter (faded) blue. Wear then with a great looking leather jacket and a well-fitted shirt. Some men and women like to tuck their shirts in and others don t. Do whatever is most comfortable for you. If your leather jacket is black this goes well with dark colored jeans. If your jacket is brown, wear lighter colored jeans for the best effect.

If you are allowed to wear jeans to work, but still want to maintain that professional aura, wear Indigo colored blue jeans because they look the dressiest.

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