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Be a follower, but set your style!
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Wondering how to wear fashion styles that you see on the runway?

Most of us love to wear outfits that makes us feel attractive, modern, and fashionable. Some of us are always looking for the latest trends and styles to be fashionable.

But just a small percentage of women really know how to wear fashion.

Fashion and seasonal trends are specific styles, clothing pieces, colors and accessories set by designers and fashion moguls around the world depending upon the season and the latest fashion directions.

There are meant to be a guide for us to express our own personal style, but is not always seen this way.

Wearing fashion is about knowing how to wear trendy items, knowing how to mix and match colors, using the right clothing pieces for your body type, shape and size; making items your own and personalizing them. It's not just "wear what you are told."

Here, find some basic rules on how to go from following fashion to being fashionable:

   1. Being fashionable is all about confidence and how you present yourself. Always wear clothes and styles that you feel comfortable in. When you are comfortable you automatically send out a secure energy about yourself, making you stand out from the crowd. Also look for pieces that complement your body type. This is going to help you show off your assets and hide your flaws.

   2.  Know that it doesnít matter the season or the occasion -- make sure you wear something that you really like. Enjoy what you wear. Again part of knowing how to wear fashion is the attitude with which you wear the piece.

   3. When shopping always make sure to get timeless pieces. Classic items that you are going to be able to wear years from now. Remember that fashion always comes back to basics.

   4. Personalize it. Whatever you wear and whenever you wear it, give it your own personal twist. Use scarves, belts, pins, head bands, shoes, anything that is going make what you are wearing YOU. This is also a good thing to do when repeating an outfit; different personal touches make it a different outfit.

   5. Nothing is bigger in fashion then accessories. It is not only what you wear, but what you wear it with. Things like purses, shoes, jewelry have the power to add instant glamor or spice up any outfit.  A good trick when accessorizing is to put on all the accessories you want to wear with a specific outfit and then take half of them off.  This way you are: 1. Not going to forget to accessorize, and 2. Not going to over do it.

   6. Donít be afraid of color. When it comes to color there are no rules, nothing says modern, fun and fresh then color. Donít know how to use colors? Print a color wheel and post it where you can see it, and learn it. You will find a whole new world full of combinations you didnít even imaging possible.

   7. Donít ever step out if your clothes arenít neatly press and clean. This makes the difference between looking okay and looking a world apart.

   8. Wear the right underwear. You want people to notice you and your impeccable style not your panty line or lace brassier. Look in the mirror from all angles before leaving the house.

Following these tips is going to allow you to learn the difference between fashion wearing you and YOU being fashionable.

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