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How you look with different hair styles

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Sometimes a haircut results in a good cry
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Wigs show you how you look with different hair styles

There is probably not a woman alive who hasnít, at one time or another, made a disastrous shoot-from-the-hip decision about her hair and, of course, lived to regret it.

Personal style fashions come and go and consumers are apt to get caught up in the frenzy. You must have Jennifer Anistonís Rachel 'do or you must get a pixie cut just like actress Ginnifer Goodwin. You do it. You hate it. You cry.

You need to know how you look with a big change before you take the plunge and cut it all off. Likewise, before you bleach or dye, you really should know, in advance, how you are going to look as a blonde or brunette.

There is a sure-fire way to know how you are going to look with different hair styles: Try on a wig. This will show you exactly what a pixie cut is going to look like on you. You can also experiment with different colors by using temporary shampoo-in color.

You can also upload a face shot of yourself to a makeover website and experiment with style changes online. These sites are a fun way to play with length and color. It is important that you use a current photo of yourself that is shot from straight-on, not from an angle.

You may even decide that you donít want to permanently cut or layer or straighten. Instead, you will wear a wig when you feel like having long locks.

If you have always had long, straight brown hair but are itching to have a short, curly brown look, donít cut it and perm it. Simply try on a wig in that style and you can see what you look like. If you love it, buy the wig or go ahead and cut and perm.


Lots of women, and some men, wear wigs and not because they have to but because they want to. Long gone are the wigs of the past that were uncomfortable, cumbersome and comparable to wearing a helmet on the head. Contemporary wigs are lightweight, stylish and comfy. Wigs are now lighter weight, made of softer fibers, equipped with non-slip lining and a more open wig cap.

If you have heard that wigs are a nightmare and hard to wear, think again. Some wigs weigh less than two ounces, which is remarkable. Lighter cap composition and thin wefts result in greater air exchange. Wigs are now finer and softer than they were in the past and look far more natural than their predecessors.


Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and are simple to care for. Many women prefer them to human hair wigs. Granted, these are more adaptable but they do not come pre-styled, which means either your or your stylist must style the wig.

Human hair wigs can be heat styled, whereas synthetic wigs canít. These wigs costs more, require trimming and customization and are a bit heavier than synthetic wigs. Itís a matter of preference.


Wearing a wig is not going to inhibit natural growth or re-growth and it is not doing to damage your scalp, as some people have been led to believe.

Wigs prevent overexposure of sensitive skin, such as your scalp, to the elements as well as help the wearer maintain her body heat.


There is a variety of wigs to choose from, including a monofilament wig, which is very natural looking. No one will guess that you are wearing a wig. This type of wig is comfortable and ideal for those who have sensitive scalps. Silicon material or thin, breathable gauze is used to create the wig instead of cloth fabric. This material blends in with the color of the personís scalp, making the wig look more natural.

Each strand has been individually hand-tied to the mesh, which results in good ventilation so there isnít any build up of moisture and your head isnít going to get too hot. A monofilament wig is lightweight and quite comfortable.


Before you take the plunge and stick your head into a vat of bleach or dye, or go scissor crazy and cut it all off, try on a wig. This is the best way to show you if a short cut is flattering to you. You may be very pleased with what you see or decide on the spot that cutting would be disastrous.

If you like the look but are hesitant to commit to a short look, buy the wig instead. That way you can have the best of both worlds: Short one day, long the next.

After all, variety is the spice of life.

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