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Long skirts are the trend right now, with most gowns hitting the wearer at mid-calf, or longer even dragging the floor
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These fashion trends are all making an appearance on the runway.

We may not all be able to afford the latest fashion trends nor look good in them! but it's still fun to keep up on what's "in" in the world of style, and to know what to expect as we anticipate the beginning of awards show season in January.

This Winter!

Though most designers have unveiled their breezy and sexy dresses for the coming Summer, those of us in the real world are still at the beginning of winter. The latest fashion trends for winter are designed to keep you stylish and warm.

Inspired by men's wear. Many of the winter trends for women look like they came off the racks at a men's wear store: form-fitting jackets, snug pants suits, and tuxedo-inspired dresses.

Funky sleeves. Designers are playing with sleeve shapes and lengths, and coming up with some interesting new looks. Lantern sleeves are full gathered sleeves on a drop-shouldered blouse. Kimono sleeves inspired by the traditional Japanese style are also making a comeback. Full sleeves that are gathered at the shoulder and flared at the cuff are called bell sleeves.

Evening wear. When it comes to evening gowns, the "belle curve" fit is all the rage. Think of the fitted gowns of the 1940s, with lines designed to emphasize the curves of a woman's waist. Long skirts are the trend right now, with most gowns hitting the wearer at mid-calf, or longer even dragging the floor.

Winter shoes. This winter, the ankle-hugging high-heeled bootie is all the rage, appearing in suede, metallics, with ruffles and buckles, and laces. Cutout heels are also in, as are fringes and tassels.


Flapper inspired. The spring/summer collections on the runway showed a definite historical inspiration think 1920s. There were many flapper-style dresses, the more fringe the better.

Exposed tummies. This look won't work for everyone, but if you've got great abs, you're in luck. The trend for the summer is short shirts and low-slung trousers, shorts, and skirts, all designed to bare the midriff.

Evening wear. Think asymmetrical for this summer's trend in evening wear. One-shoulder gowns are all the rage, and the look extends to swimwear, too. This one-shoulder look translates well into another trend for the summer: the Grecian style dress. Think gowns that drape with a Grecian or Roman goddess look.

Butterflies and jewels. When it comes to adorning fabrics, butterfly motifs and jewel-encrusted garments made a strong show for the summer collections. Of course, we've seen these looks in the past, but everything old is new again, right?

Expect to see some of these latest fashion trends to show up on the red carpet for movie premieres and award shows in the upcoming months.

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