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Natural looks in make up

By April Hall
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Woman wearing natural makeup
You must learn how to apply beauty products properly in order to let your natural beauty shine through
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Make yourself a natural beauty.

One of the newest trends in make up is to create a look that is natural, rather than the painted-on appearance of past fads. If the 1980s are remembered for purple eye shadow and ruby red lips, then the 21st century has brought a reemergence of the natural look. Celebrities on the red carpet display features that are beautiful without being fake, and now you, too, can make use of products designed to highlight your natural beauty.

However, just because you want your face to appear "natural" doesn't mean that you want to give everyone the impression that you just woke up! It takes an understanding of how to apply beauty products to discover how to face the world with your freshest face.


Celebrity make up artist, public speaker, and world-renowned beauty expert Shalini Vadhera has suggestions for the newest natural looks in make up:


Even your skin tone with a sheer foundation. Your face will have a flawless look if you will begin with the basics. If you don't enjoy the feel of heavy make up, try a tinted moisturizer. Oily skin does best with an oil-free foundation applied with a damp sponge. You may have to experiment with several different brands until you find one that feels great on your skin.


Apply a cream blush to the highest point on your cheekbones. Peaches and pinks will give your skin a youthful glow. To find the highest point of your cheekbones, suck them in before applying the blush. Earth tones and browns will give you a shadowed appearance, so it is best to avoid those colors.

Set your cream products with a translucent powder. Either with a brush or a velour powder puff, roll the silky powder over your make up to set it; being careful not to move your make up around. Aim for an even application, and your polished look will last all day.

Groom those brows. When you start your make up with neatly shaped eyebrows, you will not have to do much work. Once you have shaped your brows (or spent less than $10 to have them professionally shaped), you may want to fill in light brows with an eye pencil. Then, apply a light, shimmery eye shadow over the entire lid, finishing up with a complementary color on the lid to the crease. A high-quality mascara will complete this naturally beautiful look.

Use sheer, light-reflecting colors on your lips. The women who have mastered the best natural looks in make up understand that the best-looking lips come from good hydration, so be sure to use a lip treatment at night. You may also want to try lining your lips after you apply your lip color or gloss, rather than before.

Bronzers highlight your best features. One of the best-kept secrets in make up is the illusion of sun-kissed, bronzed skin. Lightly brush these bronzer powders in place. You want to bounce the light on cheekbones, brow bones, and temples


Although all of Vadhera's suggestions will help you understand how to utilize the newest natural looks in make up, it is important not to neglect age-old wisdom: a clean face is a beautiful face. Always clean your face thoroughly every day, completely removing all traces of make up—even that hard-to-remove eye make up. Start with a fresh face every morning, and you will be proud to highlight your beauty instead of finding ways to hide it.

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