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Hot new looks for summer 2007

By Rachel Hartman
Info Guru,

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You'll look hot this summer in the latest looks for women
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Are you ready to update your wardrobe for this summer? As you sort through your closet and make room for a few additions, here are some of the latest trends for the summer of 2007. Ready, set, shop!

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The stores are full of wonderful summer dresses in all sizes, lengths and colors. For the past couple of seasons, dresses have made a big comeback in the fashion scene, and this summer is no exception.

For 2007, look for dresses with shorter hemlines than last summer's designs. If you want to bare some leg, these mini-dresses may be perfect for you. If the evening is chilly, or you choose to cover up, most of these shorter dresses can be worn over leggings or pants, for a flirty layered look.

Hemlines are not the only thing that is rising on this summer's fashion scene. The waistline for dresses has also moved higher. These under-the-bust empire waistlines flatter a variety of figures, hide a multitude of figure flaws, and create a soft, romantic look.

Another trend you're sure to spot is the use of jewels sewn into necklines, hemlines, and sleeves. These playful additions are as at home on the beach as at the club, so gather a few of your favorites into your summer wardrobe.

Bright and Bold

Color, color, color! This year is not the time to fill your closet with neutrals. Be bold and daring and go for that bright orange top or flirty hot pink mini. No matter where you look, you're sure to spot bold designs and dramatic abstract prints, as well as neon shades and other flashes of intense color.

Fashion hint

If you wear a bright top or an outrageous print skirt, try toning down the rest of the outfit with neutral colors to let your featured item shine.

Welcome to 1980-something

You may feel like you're having flashbacks to the 80's as you browse through stores this summer. Yes, the 80's look is making the rounds again. Look for 80's style tunics and oversized shirts, for an instant return to the days of Flashdance and big hair.


Jeans decked out with jewels, handbags studded with rhinestones, and dresses with a beaded neckline are just a few of the glittery, embellished items you'll see in stores this summer. Enjoy this fun look and add some sparkle to your wardrobe. If you want to follow the jewel trend, keep the rest of your outfit simple, so the jewels can make a statement.


From gold to silver, metallics will add a dose of glitz and shimmer to your wardrobe this summer. Look for fun designs in jewelry, bags, belts and hats in your favorite metallic shade, or add a pair of gold sandals or silver pumps to your closet. These shiny tones are perfect for a cool and breezy lunch at your favorite outdoor cafe or a steamy summer evening dancing under the stars.

Hair Bands

Hair bands are hot for 2007! And best of all, adding little accessories like these can help update your wardrobe at very little cost. Try a wide, colorful hair band to brighten up an subdued outfit. A thin, soft-toned headband will help create a romantic, feminine look with one of this season's minis or gauzy tunics. Buy a few different kinds of hair bands to add a little extra something to each of your new summer outfits.


Look for some of the summer's newest styles in beads and jewels in rich turquoise, shiny silver, or soothing sea foam to add sparkle without breaking your budget. The handmade look is in, with colorful beading, mixed metals and just a hit of bling-bling.


As for shoes, Wedges and espadrilles were all the rage on the runways when this summer's collections were unveiled. These fun shoes make your legs look longer and make you feel extra feminine. Look for high wedges to add height and leg definition, or choose one of the smaller versions for a fun way to dress up a casual outfit. Wedges come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose a different look for daytime, weekends and evening. As you add new looks for summer to your wardrobe, you'll find that this season's trends have something for everyone. Check out the trends, then get creative and make an individual statement. Choosing well-made, flattering pieces, rather than just-because-it's-trendy apparel will boost your confidence and let you create your very own fashion style.

These new looks for summer can be found in many stores near you. Before you go shopping, look through your wardrobe. Throw out clothes that you have not worn for a year or that no longer fit you. Then set a budget and think about which items you want to add. Grab a purse and head out – the new looks are waiting for you!

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