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What are Pendleton Woolen Mills

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pendleton wool blankets
Pendleton wool blankets are classic Americana
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Pendleton Woolen Mills products style both you and your home

Some images can't help but make you think of classic American style. For instance, Native American prints, cowboy boots and sophisticated floral frocks are just a few pieces of clothing that remind you of a simpler time, in which clothing was elegant and refined and truly American.

Pendleton Woolen Mills brings back those iconic styles and transforms them into designs that are wearable and suitable for today. Whether you're interested in clothing, accessories or items for your home, this American company offers quality products that are true to its roots.


Pendleton Woolen Mills made its debut in 1909 out of Pendleton, Oregon. The company began making blankets for American Indians, with wool from local sheep. These blankets – which were used for ceremonial practices and everyday use – were traded among area tribes.

In 1924, the company began to expand its horizons and started moving on to other wool pieces. One piece was the man's wool shirt. These garments were typically dull and drab-looking. The company began adding bright colors and designs to the shirts, which made them unique. A few years later, Pendleton Woolen Mills began its own line of men's virgin wool sportswear.

In 1949, the thriving company spread its wings and entered the land of womenswear. The 49er jacket featured a chic design that tickled the fancy of many women, as the jacket became hugely popular. The style of this delightful jacket fitted this post-war era and paved the way for much more Pendleton Woolen Mills women's clothing.

Classic Clothing and Blankets

Perhaps known for its sophisticated elegance, Pendleton Woolen Mills clothing is as stylish as it comes. The men's line features the classic men's wool shirts, along with suits, sweaters, jackets and blazers. Women can find dresses, pants, tops and fabulous footwear.

Perhaps the most popular item of Pendleton Woolen Mills is the blanket. A variety of blankets are made from this company and feature many designs.

The classic patterns depicted on the blankets are Native American in nature. These Native American blankets come in an assortment of sizes and varieties. The blankets can be found in twin, queen and king sizes, and feature many different designs, including Raven and the Box of Knowledge, Tan Las Cruces, Silver Bark Heritage and Big Medicine. However, so many different patterns are featured, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

This American company also manufactures crib-sized baby and muchacho blankets to keep even the little ones comfy. They are made from a combination of 82- percent virgin wool and 18-percent cotton, so they are soft on sensitive baby skin. Perfect for the crib, these blankets can also be taken wherever you and the baby go.


This inventive company doesn't just stop at blankets and clothing – you can also find mugs, scarves and towels made by Pendleton Woolen Mills. The brightly-colored towels that feature Native American designs can spruce up your bathroom and add a punch of color to the décor.

Pendleton Woolen Mills also offers more than just blankets to keep you warm; scarves, mufflers and gloves are also available and keep you toasty and looking stylish at the same time.

Pendleton Woolen Mills is truly an iconic American company that produces high-quality products that last year after year.


Pendleton: Company History

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