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What is plus size petite?

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If youíre a full figured woman who is on the short side, it isnít impossible to find pants and skirts that fit
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Petite sizes can be found in fashionable plus size styles.

Those of us who carry some extra pounds live in a good time for full figure fashions. The styles available to us now go far beyond the housedresses and muumuus of the fifties. We can dress in stylish clothes that are as fashion-conscious as those that our svelte counterparts are wearing.

There is one segment of the plus-sized world that can be difficult to shop for, however, and that is the plus size petite.

For some reason, fashion designers often assume that women who take a size 14 and above are also very tall and leggy. I know from experience that this is not the case. 

Some of us are short and round, but that doesn't mean we don't want cute jeans, well-fitted trousers, and skirts that don't drag on the floor.

That's where plus size petite fashions come in. These clothes are made for those of us who need women's and plus-size clothing, but aren't tall. 

You can usually use your height as a guideline: if you're 5 foot 4 inches or shorter, you will want to look for plus size petite clothing, or you will be forced to hem your pants, trousers, and skirts after you purchase them.

I am 5 foot 5 inches, and I can't simply purchase regular plus size pants or plus size petites, because the lengths vary greatly among designers and brands. I have to take each pair of pants on an individual basis, always going with one that may be a little too long off the rack, but will probably shrink up in the washing machine.

Also, don't forget about undergarments. Chances are most plus-size petite women are wearing the wrong size bra. Find the bra fit for you by shopping clothing stores that specialize specifically in plus-size undergarments. 

Most department stores that sell women's and plus size clothing now offer a line of plus size petites

You can find very fashionable and comfortable jeans at Jessica London, Lane Bryant, and Roamans. Nordstrom, JC Penney, Sears, and even Fred Meyer and Wal-mart usually offer plus size petite offerings. If you're a full figured woman who is on the short side, it isn't impossible to find pants and skirts that fit Ė it just takes some patience and time shopping at a variety of stores.

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