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Printing shirt designs

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Any design you love can become a unique t-shirt
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Some different ways of printing shirt designs for custom t-shirts

Printing shirt designs can be done many different ways for different types of printed t-shirts. You can decorate t-shirts, canvas bags, and other fabric items with iron on transfers that you design yourself and print from your desktop. The material is cut and heat pressed onto the garment creating a perfect look and feel for team wear. You can also use banners, embroider, customized screen-printing or direct-to-garment your printing shirt designs. Probably the most interesting thing about creating custom shirt designs is the fact that you can do so without knowing how to sew a single stitch.

Printing shirt designs can have many themes for both men and women and those with a music theme, for example, will attract wearers from whichever era the music originates. T-shirts are used most often because they are durable versatile garments that can be worn either as underwear or outerwear. Many colors, patterns and styles including the standard crew neck and V-neck are available as well as tank tops and scoop necks. For many, personalized T-shirts provide the perfect venue for displaying individual interests, tastes and affiliations, and they are fairly inexpensive effective promotional products for social and business events.

What are some different techniques for printing shirt designs?

1- Screen-printing

Printing techniques will vary and are dependent on different designs and fabrics. The bulk of printed shirt designs that are seen in retail outlets are made from substrates solvent-based inks, but water-based and discharge inks are also used where a softer feel to the design is needed. Special effects, such as glitter or expanding inks are also available. This technique is most widely used to promote musical stars and popular icons.

2- Direct to garment

Printed shirt designs with the help of a color laser printer, which works much the same way as a laser printer, and a state of the art process can be directly printed onto the shirt. This allows for much creativity and flexibility. You can also add photographs as printed shirt designs, if that is your cup of tea.

3- Embroidery

For a more corporate look, embroidery is usually chosen for logos for formal shirts, polo shirts and jackets. More versatile than might be expected, embroidered printed shirt designs may now involve special stitch methods, appliqué and 3D raised effects. These effects can be mixed with print on the same garment for fashion or street wear.

4- Heat transfer

Heat transfer is often utilized as the perfect way to apply athletic names and numbers on Jerseys and other athletic apparel. It is a simple process in which the material is cut and heat- pressed onto the garment, creating a perfect look and feel for team wear. There are kits available that make it easy to use heat transfers as printed shirt designs.

 Kits contain everything you will need, including software and a T-shirt. You can also assemble your own materials if you prefer. Whichever way you decide, you will need: software, artwork, transfer paper, printer, iron (or heat transfer press), hard surface, pillowcase or other fabric (if using iron) and a T-shirt to receive the transfer.

Printing shirt designs can be highly artistic or standardized. It all depends upon what you need, which is the reason they work so well in the modern world. T-shirts have come a long way since their introduction during the Spanish-American War of the late 19th century.

The next time you see a printed shirt design on a T-shirt, you may want to show some respect and salute!

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