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Small tattoo ideas

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A small tattoo can make a big statement about one's personality
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A small tattoo will work well if ideas come from all angles

An old adage from the days of free love and hippies proclaims: different strokes for different folks. The message relates to the way in which some people are pleased by one thing while other people are made happy by something very different. When it comes to thinking about tattoos, most seekers are mindful that the strokes made by a tattoo artist wielding a gun loaded with indelible colors are strokes of a special nature.

These strokes, smoothed onto the canvas of bare skin, result in an image whose lifespan is a long one—forever, sans cover-up or removal by a dermatologist. Big tattoos are popular. Medium tattoos have aficionados. But for the most part, a lot of thought goes into choosing a diminutive tattoo and small tattoo ideas need to be thought about from every angle.

Impulse is an enemy when it comes to small tattoo ideas. Ooh! I want a little spider. Ooh! I want a tiny dragon. Ooh. I want, I want, I want too often takes the place of small tattoo ideas that are reflective of many days, weeks—and sometimes years—of consideration. A person with no tattoos might want to start the adventure with a realistic looking temporary tattoo. Wear it a while. Check people’s reaction. Look in the mirror.

Some of the temporary tattoos available today are stylish, exquisitely detailed and vivid. Yellow ribbons, American flags and perky stars in a wide range of sizes are just some of the colorful temporary tattoos available—and accessible for experimentation without a lifetime commitment. If you change your mind about getting the real thing or if you change your mind about where on your body you want to locate your tattoo, there is no harm done. Wash it off and come up with some better small tattoo ideas. Then, go for the real thing—if you dare.

Some classifications of tattoos

Considering a variety of small tattoo ideas probably will result in a satisfying experience. Both new and old tattoos will benefit from frequent applications of vitamin creams or pure, botanical moisturizers. Most tattooists agree there are at least four major categories of tattoo art. Investigate them all when thinking about small tattoo ideas.

Black and grey tattoos: Includes many tribal designs used in armbands and many memorial pieces honoring a loved one who is deceased. In addition, black and grey work often includes gothic, medieval and lacy designs.

Traditional style tattoos: Includes many images of landscapes such as cactus-studded Southwest themes, wildlife designs of birds such as parrots and some oriental-style themes depicting fish and dragons.

Full Color tattoos: Small tattoo ideas may lead to choosing a miniature tattoo that is simple but has a colorful background or accents of bright color. Full color tattoos should be considered when thinking of small tattoo ideas, but the subject will determine how much color to include.

Realistic tattoos: The category often includes portraits of one’s children, depictions of family pets and images of machinery such as motorcycles, tractors and the like. In considering small tattoo ideas, think of the probability of successful replication. Something with inherent details will not look good on a too-small scale.

Know your tattoo artist

Anyone who is rolling around a multitude of small tattoo ideas or ideas for a massive work of art needs to be on alert about safety. Know your tattoo artist. First-time encounters should come as a result of recommendations by people you trust or through investigations of professional organizations ensuring quality. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) publishes a variety of fact sheets to inform consumers about various issues related to the skin. The organization warns that infection is a risk and has issued other cautions in its fact sheet about tattoos and body piercing. Other guidelines make sense, too.

• Make sure a state license is available
• Ensure all needles are one-time-use disposables
• Look for an autoclave for sterilizing equipment
• Make sure the artist puts on fresh surgical gloves
• Follow exactly all instructions for after-care

Show off your tattoo with style

A variety of small tattoo ideas should be considered from all aspects. The quality of the technician, the cleanliness of the establishment and the follow-up care are important. Follow up the artistry with appropriate fashions. Wear your choice of styles, fashions that enable your tat to peek out from a neckline or a sleeve. Consider a soft, stylish pashmina or—if you’re a guy—a tank tee that shows off that new tattoo. There’s a world of choices out there. And the perfect tattoo, for you.

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