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Suits Present a Sharp Image for Business Women
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Business Women Excel When They Dress for Success

As a busy professional, I often have to attend business meetings, community events, luncheons or negotiation meetings where there are a lot of other professionals and entrepreneurs. Therefore, making my first impression a lasting impression is my goal with each meeting I attend. The first step of course is being prepared with solid research materials, proposals and pertinent information. My aim is to win the business so I must also focus on one thing that is often overlooked - - my professional image presentation. Competition is fierce in most all industries, and as a woman I aim to be top-notch in all areas. Being a sharply-dressed business woman not only helps my proposal get noticed, but also hopefully stands out among the other competitors. 

It's very important to look as sharp as possible when you're trying to make a positive impression. I wear a variety of clothing, but mainly suits when I am attending a business function. My preferred suit of choice is the Stacy Adams suits and their clothing line for women. I like the way they're cut to suit my taste and they also offer different colors that complement my burgeoning shoe collection. 

There are a few men suits manufacturers who now sell the popular four-button suits that do indeed look nice. They make quite a statement and they do get noticed. There are also some four-button suits for women made by the Stacy Adams suits manufacturer as well that are just as stunning. But what I am most impressed by is the variety that the company offers for the business woman's wardrobe.
They make fine clothing attire for women that gets my attention because I love to dress and look nice.

The Beginning of Fine Suits

Founded in 1875 by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams, the Stacy Adams suits company began making suits to outfit the discriminating fashion taste. Their earlier wares also included items like sportswear, jewelry and shoes. The famous Brockton, MA company also began a line for women and they carry jewelry and shoes in addition to their other impressive complements.

Fine clothing is a staple for people who put a lot of thought into their images and physical presentation. Nice, quality suits, dresses, hats, footwear and jewelry are what you'll likely find in any clothing connoisseur's closet. I am one who definitely likes fine dressing and Stacy Adams suits and dresses can be found in abundance in my closet too, in various colors, styles, cuts and all for different occasions. What other items might you find?

* Hats - No, not yet. At least not for me. I have a few of my mom's hats that she ordered from Stacy Adams suits company, but I haven't gotten any of my own. I'm not sure if I'm at the right "age" to have my own hat collection, but I sure do love borrowing hers from time to time. Some of the hats look very nice and on occasion I may wear one to a special church function.

* Shoes - The right shoe perfectly complements the right suit. I have quite a few shoes in my closet, all of varying heel sizes, colors and styles. I have a definite affinity to nice shoes, especially high heels. The taller the heel, the more I like the shoe. In business, a heel complements a suit nicely if it looks nice, is tasteful and goes well with the outfit.

* Suits - Power business suits are an absolute closet staple for the business woman. Whenever I have an important business meeting away from my home office, I must focus on presenting a positive professional image. There are a few suits that I reserve as my power suits and pull them out when I mean business and there's negotiating to be done.

Other Business Factors

Dressing the part for business success is very important, but only part of what it takes to be successful. Here are some other things to include as part of your approach to good business:

> Timeliness. Be on time and well ahead of time for any business functions or business meetings. Even if it's a conference call, log onto the call site a few minutes early. Not only is this impressive, but it also shows that you have a genuine regard for other people's time.


> Cordiality. Be polite in addressing and dealing with others. Don't use slang or pop culture talk until you know your client's personalities. It can be a possible turn-off. Show respect by smiling and being unassuming. This will go a long ways when your name comes up in the bid selection process.

> Be Professional. This means in your paperwork presentation as well as your image. Make sure your proposals are neatly typed, clean and free of errors. Don't present work that you did over your lunch break that has taco stains on it. Put the proposals in binders if possible. Have one for each member of the presentation team. Invest in your career by paying attention to the small details.

Dressing the part of a professional business person is very important. Presentation, image, clothes and service are all a package deal that help you get noticed. Make the investment and take the time to ensure that every facet of your business is as polished as it can be. When you present yourself in a professional manner, you will be perceived as the same. Look the part in your power suits and you may get the call that your bid was received.

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