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How to wear stockings and high heels

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Here is how to kill two birds with one stone: Toeless stockings to wear with your open-toed high heels
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Stockings and high heels are a stylish and versatile fashion duo

When you see actresses on the red carpet you will notice that they are usually not wearing stockings and high heels. They go for high heels - solo. We common folk may not be able to manage or maintain movie star legs, which require a year-round suntan and waxing. Many of us do not live in sunny California, so we opt to wear stockings with our skirts and dresses to look professional and to keep us warm.


In fact, some work places mandate that women wear hosiery; bare legs are verboten. Furthermore, even if bare legs are allowed at your place of work some women simply feel under dressed or naked without stockings.  


Stockings are a gift: They hide or distract from imperfections, provide color for your legs and complete your outfit. Furthermore, if you wear stockings with Lycra content they will hold in your thighs and belly and hoist up your butt, providing support for your feet and legs, help to eliminate leg and foot fatigue.  


Stockings will never go out of style, even if movie stars apparently eschew them. Hosiery hides cuts, bruises, razor burns and cellulite.


The rule of thumb is that your high heels should be a darker color than your stockings. In other words, do not wear tan heels with black hose. When wearing dark stockings, wear dark colored high heels or at least wear heels that have some dark color in them. When you are wearing white or red high heels, opt for nude hosiery.


Shave your legs before donning your stockings. This will make your stocking-clad legs look even smoother.


You can wear patterned hosiery but avoid doing this if your outfit is also patterned. Your legs should not compete with your outfit or vice versa. Stockings can be the focus if your outfit is subdued.


When shod in open toed-high heels it is considered a fashion faux pas to wear stockings. However, there is a way around this: Purchase toeless hosiery, or hose without toes, which is quite an inventive idea. Purchase sheer toeless hose that are a good match for your skin tone so no one will be able to tell the difference between your exposed (and manicured) toes and your stocking clad legs.  


A simple rule: If you can see your toes while wearing high heels then you should wear sandal foot or sandal toe hosiery, which is made of ultra sheer fabric, or opt for toe-less stockings as mentioned above. When you glance down at your feet you will not see the reinforced toes of your stockings sticking out of your elegant black open-toed stilettos.


If you really want to show off your legs, which is usually the outcome when wearing high heels and a dress, and if you have especially good legs, don bold patterned printed stockings or stockings that are shimmery. Consider wearing tights. Keep in mind, though, that your legs can end up looking heavy and your entire look can become out of sync and unbalanced if your shoes are light colored and dainty and your stockings are dark-colored and wildly patterned.


Skinny legged women should note that stockings add some volume to the legs. Women with big legs should also keep this in mind and be careful when selecting patterned stockings, which may end up making their legs look even bigger.


If you would rather not draw attention to your legs, but must wear dresses and hose, choose stockings that are basic and in colors such as nude, brown or black. Opt for either sheer fabric or opaque material. Avoid busy patterns.


A good trick to make your legs look longer and leaner when decked out in a leg-exposing dress or skirt and when wearing high heels is to choose stockings that are vertically ribbed or wear dark hosiery. Leggings that stop at your ankles will elongate your legs but those that stop mid calf will shorten your legs. Try stockings that have a vertical back seam. This will make your legs look longer and thinner.  


Wearing stockings that are the same color as your high heels is a safe bet.

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