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Choose the styles right for your body
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Understanding style for body type will help you select fashions for your body

Fashion, including clothing and accessories, is a billion-dollar industry that is revered by millions of people world-wide.

Walk past any magazine stand, pick up a book or turn on the television and you are bound to see images of fashion popping up in front of you. Unfortunately, not all fashionable items are created equally.

The clothing you see being modeled by stick-thin or curvaceous women on the runway may not fit your own body type. Although many styles and types of clothing may be beautiful and look great on someone else, that doesn’t mean they will match your body type.

Wearing ill-fitting clothing or clothing that doesn’t flatter your assets can cause you to look less than your best, or worst still – frumpy and older. Avoid fashion style mishaps by following the style for body type tips below that will have you looking your best at all times!

Determine your body shape

Before you hit the malls and shopping outlets, it is important to determine what type of body shape you have. Bodies come in all different unique shapes and sizes, ranging from tall to short, petite to plus-sized and thin to curvy.

Factors to consider when analyzing body shape include height, weight, bone structure and facial shape. Areas of specific interest typically include the size of your hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

Accentuate your figure

One of the top style for body type tips is to flaunt what you have got while minimizing any figure flaws. Consider the aspects of your body that you and others deem most attractive and cater to those features.

For instance, if you have long legs, wear a short blazer with dark skinny jeans; highlight eye-catching cleavage with a brightly colored top that has a modest v-neckline to maintain some mystery; wear a sleeveless tank top with khaki shorts during the summer to highlight toned arms.

When in doubt, go to a clothing store that fits your personal fashion interests and speak with a specialized stylist to determine what you should be looking for.

Apple shape

Body shapes may be classified as apples or pear, particularly when describing the female form.

Apple body shapes tend to be more top heavy with a tendency to carry more weight around their middles. Apples should wear clothing styles that accentuate their waistline without adding more volume to the stomach area. Styling tips include: wearing shirts with lower necklines to draw the eye to the bosom; as well as wearing shirts that are longer length cinched with a skinny belt to create more of an hourglass figure. In contrast, short shirts and boxy jackets should be avoided as they bring more attention to a thicker middle.

Pear shape

The pear body shape differs from the apple in that pears tend to be more bottom-heavy with thicker thighs, hips and a larger bottom. Pears tend to have flatter stomachs which should be emphasized with styles that flatter the upper body.

The key to dressing pears is to aim for balancing a larger bottom half with a smaller top half. Best style for body type tips include: wearing brightly-colored tops on top; blouses with dramatic sleeves or collars to draw attention upwards; and avoiding ill-fitting, too-tight jeans and pants that emphasize the size of your hips and buttocks. Select pants with a little stretch in the hips area; back pockets to add some style to your behind and of a longer length to make legs appear longer and leaner.


In addition to clothing, accessories are the latest and greatest ways to hit a style-for-body-type home run. Accessories such as jewellery, scarves, shoes and even handbags are commonly used nowadays to highlight or hide figure perks and flaws.

Enhance a beautiful, long neckline with a simple jeweled necklace; wear high-heels if you are short in stature; if you have a long torso and shapely shoulders, wear a scarf around your neck with long-hoop earring to draw eyes upward.

When it comes to style, the best piece of advice you can follow is to stay true to you and what you like best. However, following certain body shape tips and rules can save you time and have you dressing from frumpy to fabulous. Play around with different fashion pieces until you find what suits your body shape the best!

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