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Walking cane accessories that make life easier

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Cane tips
Cane tips make using walking canes that much easier
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Here is a list of walking cane accessories that make life easier to navigate

If you have ever been saddled with the need to use a walking cane, you know there is always going to be a period of adjustment. The down side is it isn't always that comfortable to be using one of these canes to go about your day. The upside is there are a number of different tools that make using a cane just a little bit simpler.

The fact of the matter is, there are a number of walking cane accessories that make life easier as long as you know they are out there and you know what you are looking for in this area. The good news is, we've decided to bring you a list of these accessories so you don't have to go on a long hunt for these items.

Flexible Cane Tips

The flexible cane tips make it that much easier to use a walking cane, especially if the user might not feel as though they are very confident on their feet. The tips usually have three different smaller legs that gives the user a wider area of stability. The extra smaller rubber legs also make it that much easier to use the cane when someone is going over uneven ground.

Cane Bags

Cane bags are exactly what they sound like and just a little bit more. The bag goes around the shaft of the cane and makes it that much easier to tote other items around.

If you get the right kind of bag, you will have pockets where you can put things like your wallet and purse, or your house keys. This transforms the cane from something that is rather inconvenient because it is taking up one of your hands, and transforms it into something that actually makes your cane a bit of a pack mule.

There are a couple of different styles of these bags. Some of them fit snugly over the cane so it won't slip while you are going about your business. Others have a loop that goes around the top of your hand so you can make sure it isn't slipping down with the pressure of the cane hitting the ground. There are all kinds of different looks for these bags, so you can get one that matches your cane or one that simply reflects your style.

Cane Covers

Cane covers are the kind of accessories that make life easier simply because you will be able to get a cover that matches your style and makes it that much easier to pick your cane out of a crowd, if you have gone with a little more generic look.

These covers can also keep your cane from showing dings and scratches that come from day-to-day use. While they aren't going to provide a great deal of padding, you will have a slightly easier time holding onto the cane and will give your hands a bit of a break using these covers.

Cane Lights

Cane Lights are devices that can attach to the bottom of your cane and basically act like a built in flashlight. This can come in handy if you need to head to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or just over to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

The light illuminates any potential obstacle so you don't have to turn on the hall or room lights and wake the rest of the household. 

Cane Wallet for Folding Canes

For those who don't need to use their walking canes all the time, these cane wallets help you pack up and store your folding cane until you need it again. Like the cane covers, these come in a wide variety of different styles that allow you to show off your own style while using a tool that really comes in handy.

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