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When to wear white socks

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White socks
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Wear white socks the right way (which means almost never)

We've all seen them: men out and about with dark colored slacks and very white socks in a mishmash of color and horror. We may have laughed. We may have chuckled and stated the obvious: they don't have an ounce of fashion sense in them.

It may also have been at this time when we looked down at our own sandal-covered feet and realized we were wearing the same exact thing. Oh, no! The cardinal sin. In a time when we need to look our finest the will to dress ourselves -- to show true fashion sense -- can elude even the best of us.

Fortunately, there are hard and fast rules pertaining to fashion which can help the best (and worst) fashion minds pick the right footwear and clothing for just the right occasion!

So I Can't Wear Them Ever?

So, when should you wear white socks? According to and the, pretty much never. Apart from athletic activities and loafing around your home, it seems this particular fashion trend is a no-no.

Why so, you ask? Well, there are better ways, my friend. Read on!

Hard and Fast Rules for Matching

If you're one of the ten people in the United States who wears white pants, congratulations! If you're like the rest of us who put on blue jeans, black slacks for high class events, or just wear boxers to the store, you're out of luck.

It's an incontrovertible fact that one needs to match his socks to his pants. Thus, with white pants your socks will match correctly. But those who wear blue jeans or khakis on a daily basis will look like an unmatched rube as they walk down the street, sit at the local coffee shop, and cry in the department store after they realize they've been walking around in mismatched agony for the entire day!

So, quite simply, purchase a few pairs of blue, black, or gray socks in order to properly fit your daily wardrobe. You'll look and feel better the moment you do so. We promise.

Sportswear Traditions

According to AskMen, the only time one should ever consider/ponder/dream of wearing white socks is if you're pairing them with sportswear and will be going out to shoot hoop, run, play football, or catch a quick game of tennis with a loved one.

Athletic shorts, running shoes, and track pants are all okay accessories to place with this specifically bland color of footwear. Everything else -- according to most everyone alive -- is not an acceptable pairing. Remember: jeans and black khakis go with blue or black foot coverings. At your next business meeting, you'll look the part.

Other Issues

The bland variation of footwear also has a tendency to get dirty rather easily. Stains and muck and mud tend to show up on your feet and if you're a house guest in a home which asks for incoming guests to take off their shoes this can be a very visible problem for the wearer.

So, when to wear white socks becomes all the more clear: basically, never. When you're heading out to play a backyard game of basketball or off to your local track to do wind sprints, they're an okay accessory to possess. Comfortable, simple, and easy to find.

For those with a little rebellious streak in them, feel free to be different. Make the colors clash and stand out. Maybe, in certain instances, that's the best course of action for those looking to stand out and above the rest. Just swap in a different colored pair every once in a while so you don't get laughed at everywhere you go!


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