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Wearing watches with bracelets

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Watches and bracelets
Stacking your wrist with bling is trendy
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Wearing watches with bracelets makes a fashion-forward jewelry statement

A new trend has emerged in our collective society: successfully wearing multiple necklaces, stacking more than one ring on a finger and combining watches with bracelets. On the same arm! Obviously, this trend has been around for some time, but it's only now begun to take off in the fashion world. Thanks in part to celebrities donning a multitude of accessories, it's become an interesting, unique, and creative way to express one's individual fashion sense.

Below, let's take a look at some of the ways in which wearers can create for themselves a true fashion statement and a distinct new look with just a little bit of effort! Find the perfect watch, team it with your favorite bracelets and be on-trend.

Is It Right to Combine Metals?

Back in the day, it was looked upon as a fashion miscue (misstep) to mix and match -- let's say -- silver and gold together. Thankfully, those were the olden days and have come and gone, our preconceived notions of what constitutes high fashion ever changing, literally morphing right before our eyes.

Today, we can combine distinctly different metals together with youthful abandon. Kelly (she doesn't need a last name!) over at My Jewelry Blog offers insight into the potential pairing of seemingly dissimilar items. The only guidelines one needs to remember is that of working within a theme.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, the wearer should work with a certain size range or even chain style, she says, in order to stay fresh, yet still firmly within the boundaries of good fashion. For example:
  • Try two or three heavier style chain bracelets or
  • Wear more thin chains or
  • Keep with bracelets within the herringbone design

And the list goes on! It's up to your own sense of creativity and adventure as to what you decide to pair together in order to create the perfect accompaniment.

Should You Combine Loose and Snug Pieces?

Mixing loose and snug items is a fashion faux pas; this will only serve to make the wearer look unkempt rather than stylish or bold. So, simply look for a bracelet that matches your watch, or vice versa. 

If you have a snug fitting watch purchase and accessorize with a similarly snug bracelet, or pair of bracelets. On the other hand, if you own or are looking to buy a loosely fitting watch to wear -- examples of this would include an expandable band, a bangle band, or a bracelet-style band -- try to mix in loose fitting bracelets into the overall fashion stew.

As stated previously, the loose and tight mixture of watch and bracelet doesn't impart a sense of high fashion; instead, it looks more like a sloppily put together endeavor.

Theme Is Everything

Focusing on a theme when you mix and match, it's important to note that placing every bracelet you own on your wrist is probably not the way to go. Over at Style Me Thrifty, when wearing watches with bracelets, it can be truly unique, hip, and even a little bohemian. Just don't slip everything in your jewelry drawer onto your arm and you'll be fine!

It's important to note that fashion should be your own; but, as with anything, it's always good to choose one piece of jewelry and focus on that. If you add in earrings, a ring here, a necklace there, it can feel a bit overwhelming to the eye. Instead, focus on one item you would like to stand out and then have the rest be supporting players.

So, try to match your bracelet group to your watch. If the you have a white watch with silver hues, look to input a bracelet which follows in the color scheme: white, pearl, and/or silver. One can come up with a classy look which won't border on excessive thanks to a minimalist approach to mixing and matching your two new favorite accessories.


My Jewelry Box: Wearing Watches with Bracelets.

Style Me Thrifty: Watches and Bracelets: Friends or Foes?

Above photo attributed to Matteo Paciotti Photography

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