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Tips for wearing white

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Make a fashion statement by wearing white to both casual and fancy affairs. Onlookers will admire your sense of style and your bold attitude.
A woman who wears white with an air of confidence tends to find life an adventure.
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Some tips for wearing white include choosing pieces with confidence

There's something about a woman wearing white. White is a power color. It's a color of confidence that tells the world the wearer has few concerns about the consequences-the expenses of dry cleaning or washing whites.

A woman who wears white with style and flair means business-or pleasure. She's a dynamo in the work place. And a diva in the dining room. White is what Cleopatra wore. Pity the poor fool who makes no fuss over a woman wearing a silky white robe. He must be a real asp.

Wearing white clothing seems to indicate a special level of sophistication-or service. The white garments worn by professionals-doctors, dentist, chefs, servers and the like-reveal to the common man that the bearers have some kind of expertise or skill that elevates them through the symbolism.

White is an indicator of cleanliness and excellence, be it at a fine dining establishment or a hospital. Nevertheless, a white uniform has little to do with style. But it can, of course, be worn with style.

Head up the galaxy in a white hat

The fashionable woman who wears white - especially the perfect white dress -  is used to being at the top of the chain of command. She shows her superiority in her fashion statement. And she shows her individuality in the way she decorates her white canvases. A white hat can be accessorized with a hatband that's studded with a row of semi-precious stones such as turquoise or onyx.

A white hat may sport a sassy little feather or a band of snakeskin. A white hat with a band bearing a leopard print may indicate that the world is fair game for the well-dressed missus who is secure in her post at the top of the food chain. A hat is the crowning glory to any wardrobe. Today, a wardrobe of hats tops many a collection of stunning white ensembles. Here's to hats!

There is risk in wearing white sweaters and blouses

Stepping out in a crisp, white blouse or sweater sets a carefree tone for the entire day-or night. An elegant white blouse with a lace collar can go from the office to the dance floor if other wardrobe components such as the skirt or the slacks are appropriate and of a complimentary fabric. Likewise, a white sweater is versatile and easy to pair with pleasing companions.

A bit of planning needs to go into any outfit that includes a white top, sheer, white blouse or pullover. A sudden rain storm may strike. Rain can make a white fabric seem to disappear-become see-through. Those who have ever seen a video of a wet tee shirt contest know that the giggly female volunteers launch the event by having their skimpy white tees doused with pitchers of water.

In general society, white and wet do not mix. A white blouse should be matched with a shawl, cape or some sensible but beautiful undergarment such as a white camisole or a lovely white bra with a white silk skimmer over top. There are times when that counsel should be chucked. For instance, specialty bras made of metallic fabrics and bras whose decorative bra straps are encrusted with accents of rhinestones or pearls might be appropriate for party wear.

White pants and white shoes elongate the silhouette

Some women are petrified. Others are just scared to wear white pants or a white trouser suit. They can pull off the fashion maneuver of wearing a hat and look good doing it. They will cock that brim to the side in an air of defiance and fashion rebellion. They will bare their bosoms-almost-in a sheer white blouse with a lacy little-nothing bra underneath the temptation. But they won't wear white pants.

Take heart ye divas in disguise. Wear white. But don't wear it tight. White slacks look best when they don't cling. They can caress the buttocks, but barely so. Choose a size that enables there to be a bit of room in the hip area. The leeway will enable one to sit down comfortably and get up again-without popping a button or splitting a zipper.

Finish the long, lean silhouette by wearing white shoes or boots with a medium heel. Stretch the fashion impact to the max if footwear with an even higher heel is able to be worn with comfort. Do the town in white. Light up the night in white. But don't leave home without taking along a crucial accessory-a plastic trash bag or clear plastic dry-cleaning bag. You'll be glad you have one handy, if the need ever arises to sit down-on a park bench shared by pigeons.


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