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What do I wear tomorrow

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Outfit planning at its simplest
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The question what do I wear tomorrow can make it difficult to get out the door

With the exception of work, you make your own dress code most of the time. Answering the question "What do I wear tomorrow?" can be a challenge if you don't know what mood you're in. These moods aren't simply happy and sad; instead, they're style moods. If you aren't aware of this, you can spend thirty minutes just staring at the clothes in your closet with confusion. If you know your mood and match it with the suggestions below, your outfit of choice will be perfect!

The following are popular style moods:


This is a look that you shouldn't go overboard with - one or two of the following suggested items will work fine.

Do you have a favorite rock band? Wear one of their T-shirts!

When you think edgy, think motorcycle. Feel free to pair a gray or black leather jacket with a white tank top. Check out motocross jeans, which are skinny fitting jeans that have horizontal stitching that's usually above the knees. These jeans come in several washes, but white, grey, or black are the best. Motorcycle-esque boots will add edge to any outfit. When it comes to accessories, anything with studs or spikes works wonderfully!


We all have days where we don't want to get out of bed, but have to. If you're having one of these days, your best bet would be to wear a basic T-shirt, sweat pants or running shorts, and sneakers or flip flops.

If you want to look a little less disheveled, feel free to somewhat coordinate your colors or wear colors that compliment each other. Also, don't go overboard with cute or dressy accessories. Remember, this look is lazy and effortless. One gold ring, necklace, or ankle bracelet that you never take off won't kill the look, but don't try too hard. Instead, stick to one sporty accessory, such as a Livestrong wristband.


A step above lazy, this look requires a bit more effort, but not much more. Although it's almost effortless, you won't feel uncomfortable running into someone you know while looking like this. Jeans can make almost any look casual, from skinny to flared.

Perhaps the most casual of them all are Boyfriend fit jeans, which are slouchy, loose fitting, and low rise. For this look, an assortment of tops will work with jeans, as long as they're not too dressy. Just follow this simple rule to make your jean/top combination look even better: If the jeans are loose fitting (Boyfriend), then wear a shirt that is a bit tighter. If the jeans are tight (Skinny), then wear a top that doesn't hug your body as much.

If it's cold, add a jean jacket, but make sure the denim on the jacket isn't the exact same shade as the denim on the jeans. If it's warm, swap your pants for shorts! Adding Converse will add a sporty, boyish touch. Flats and thready accessories always complete a casual look.


Nothing screams "feminine" like a flowery dress! Elongate those legs with chunky wedges. Play around with accessories - some cute ones to consider are anything dainty and silver, pastel, or full of flowers. Just find what really speaks to the rest of the outfit. If it's cold out, consider a sweater dress with heeled boots. Add a scarf to complete your look.


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks "preppy" is a fitted polo top. Thick, horizontal stripes on this top elevate the prep factor. This top can be paired with many bottoms, such as jeans, corduroy, or solid colored pants/shorts. If it's chilly, why not add a blazer? Oxford shoes can complete most preppy looks, along with solid colored accessories.

Picking out what to wear tomorrow doesn't have to drive you insane. It can actually be exciting if you know your style mood. Many looks from different moods can even be combined.

As long as you use common sense about where to wear an outfit (don't wear a "lazy" outfit on a date), you and your chosen attire will be a match made in heaven!

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