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What is a signature jewelry piece

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The right piece of jewelry can define your style
It's amazing what one piece of jewelry can do
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Appreciating what is signature jewlery when a special item becomes your tradmark

Creating your own personal fashion style is a great way to tell the world who you are with a single look. If you favor jeans and t-shirts, you're saying you're casual and value comfort. If you lean towards long flowing silk skirts, people will see you as more artistic, free-spirited and creative.

But the truth is most of us don't want to wear the same style of clothing every single day. So how do you create a signature personal style when your wardrobe changes? A signature jewelry item could be exactly what you need.

Your signature piece can be anything...a necklace, a ring or a bracelet. A watch. The key is that, with a few exceptions,like at the gym or beach, that jewelry is always a part of your look. Sounds good, right? So how do you choose that one perfect item? Here are some ideas for finding your signature jewelry look.

What's your favorite ...

Color? Animal? Historical era?  Sometimes thinking about what you like best can help you choose a signature piece of jewelry. Choose an emblem, monogram or item that really speaks to your personality. Jewelry makes a statement if it is a piece that only you - or especially you - can wear.

Love frogs? How about a frog pendant on a necklace?  If you love dogs, and fill your Facebook page with requests for pet fosters and rescues, a charm bracelet filled with dog charms might be a natural for you. Always wish you could have lived during the 1920?  Look for something that reminds you of the architecture or art of that era.

Color can also be a clue to the right items. People who love red might want to look for jewelry featuring garnet or rubies. Blue fans might choose a sapphire, blue topaz or aquamarine. There are gemstones in every shade of the rainbow (even onyx for the emo or goth fashionistas out there) so finding your favorite shade is easy.

Where are you from?

Where you live, where you wish you could live, or that special place that comes to mind when someone says "home" can be a way to find that signature piece. Think of the symbols of your favorite places. Or opt for jewelry made from native materials, local gemstones, or crafted by regional artisans.

What's important to you?

The causes and connections that matter most to you can also guide you to a signature piece. Whether you're involved in a charity, devote your free time to saving the earth, or work to promote anything from music and art to science and math, a search online will probably produce jewelry that matches your passion.

What moves your spirit?

Symbols of faith are a popular choice as a signature jewelry piece. I always wear a hamsa, a North African symbol of the the divine popular with Jews and Muslims. I have friends who are never without their cross necklace. And some feel incomplete without their pentagram or healing crystals.
What speaks to you?

There's a commercial for a popular home decor chain that asks the question "What speaks to you?" Choosing your signature jewelry item could be just that simple. As you browse through stores and online jewelry catalogs, pay attention to what catches your eye. Then ask yourself "Could I imagine wearing that every day? Does that piece match who I am, how I want to be known?"

If  the answer is yes, you may have just found your own personal style piece. If not, keep looking. There's a world of jewelry out there, just waiting to be discovered.

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