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What is Etsy Jewelry?

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Gumball Unique Necklace
Gumball machine necklace by Inedible Jewelry on Etsy
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Finding handmade jewelry has never been easier if you know what is Etsy jewelry

While Walmart stores keep popping up stores on every corner, of every city, in every state of the United States, selling unpersonalized products and mass produced items, Etsy is what gives hope to the those of us searching for the perfect gift or unique handmade additions to our wardrobe and home. Etsy gives crafters and artists a unique venue to promote their handmade items as sellers.

Etsy is an online shop with vendors from all over the world and promotes handmade crafts, all while uniting crafters and buyers alike. So, what is Etsy jewelry? It is the diverse collection of handmade jewelry items available through the Website that is the "Etsy store."

Searching for unique gifts on Etsy is simple. Etsy offers a variety of ways to search the site: by Categories, Advanced Search, Pounce, Shop Local, Time Machine, Colors and Featured Sellers. With all these ways to search, you are sure to find the perfect item, be it a graduation present, Mother's Day gift or just a little something for yourself.

Etsy Jewelry is a bountiful category where you will find bracelets, necklaces, rings,anklets, brooches, pendants and more. Under each category is a sub-category of materials that will ease your search. Are you looking for a metal-work ring or a cloth brooch? Etsy is the place to search.

This is the place if you are searching for unique gifts and the following shops are worth a stroll, click and viewing because they respond to a need in the market for personalized, custom Etsy jewelry:

Inedible Jewelry
Etsy Shop
Facebook Page

Everyone has a foodie in their lives: your friend that attended culinary school, your restaurant-obsessed cousin and even your Mom, who loves everything Pie. Inedible Jewelry feeds this need, without having to consume a single calorie! Jessica and Susan Partain have been crafting tiny food items you can wear on your neck or dangling from your ears since childhood and in 2006 started Inedible Jewelry officially. How about tiny Margarita earrings to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Are you as Macaron obsessed as the rest of the world? Why not wear a Macaron necklace and declare your love for them to the world? And remember, these are all inedible and calorie free! Locally found in the Charlottesville City Market or their online Etsy Shop above!

Anne Franklin Designs
Etsy Shop

Ever wonder if there was Scrabble Tile Heaven? Well, look no further because Anne Franklin Designs is this heaven! Vintage, re-purposed tiles are used in creative ways that will delight you! A local Denver gal, Anne has found an inventive way to bring these tiles to life! How cute of a gift are Scrabble Tile earrings? Headed to a wine party and would like to gift the hostess something unique? Check out the Wine-Oh Necklace, the perfect hostess gift!

CSQ's Designs
Etsy Shop

Casey designs whimsical jewelry and crafts on all different mediums! They are items that you will not find anywhere else, like a Bacon 'n Eggs cuff! As a writer and poet, Casey is inspired with her daily life and her Denim Brooches would pair perfectly with your every day wear. She also sells scarves and accessories.

More great Etsy Jewelry Shops:
Starless Clay: Ever wanted Mini Koi Pond jewelry? Starless Clay has it!
Stick Man Jewelry: Sterling Silver Designs
Taylor's Eclectic Shop: Delicate paper and wire work
None of the Above Shop: Instrinsic Jewelry with Swarovski Crystals

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