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What is personal style?

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Feel comfortable with your own sense of personal style
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Help with boosting your own personal style

Personal style is using our outer appearance to convey our personal beliefs and values. Essentially, it is using clothes and other accessories to show others our personality.

Personal style goes beyond mere clothing choice, however. It is not just what is worn; it is how it is worn. How we wear what we wear not only shows off our personality to others, it also exudes confidence.

Personal style can change dramatically from one situation to another in order to portray the correct message. For instance, one might have one style of clothing for spending time with friends, another style for going out on the weekends, and yet another for business. All of these are situations which should be treated differently in order to give off the right persona.

Not so sure of your personal style? There are many ways to get yourself started:


Personal style is all about how you want to present yourself to the world. To get a feel for your own sense of style, begin by thinking how you want to portray yourself.

  • Use Your Friends:  Begin your search for personal style by borrowing objects from your friends. See how these work for you when you wear them. There's no sense in buying something you're not sure you'll like; if you don't end up liking the borrowed object, you can always give it back. This will help give you a better feel for different clothes and accessories without having to spend any money on your experiments.

  • Use Magazines:  Once you have an idea of the image you would like to give off, begin looking through magazines. Find pictures of what you think are excellent examples of how you would like others to view you. Look at what this person is wearing and begin to get a good idea of what new types of clothing you would need to get.

  • All About You:  Keep in mind that your personal style is all about you.  It may seem redundant to say, but this is about what you feel comfortable wearing and how you want others to see you. It's not about what category others feel you belong to. Do what makes you happy!

At Work:

Many times a suit must be worn in the work environment, not leaving much room for a personal touch. Staying professional is very important, but that doesn't mean that personality traits can't shine through. A great way to achieve this would be through accessories. For women, wearing a necklace or bracelet that shows off a glimmer of their inner selves is a good way. For men, a personal tie or watch can do the trick. This allows a little bit of oneself to come through while still remaining professional in the work environment.

Personal style is something that takes time to come to know, and often something that unable to be described. It is more of a feeling that is given off, a comfort level, and maturity. It's all about being comfortable with who you are, and comfortable with what you wear.

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