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What is wash and wear clothing

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Wash and Wear = Easy Care
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Discovering what is wash and wear clothing is a boon for busy travelers

In today’s hectic on-the-run world, there is little time for clothing that needs to “lay flat to dry” or which needs ironing before it looks presentable. The modern world replies on wash and wear clothing—clothes that have been specially treated, or crafted from specific materials, so that they can be quickly washed without special requirements, and which require little or no ironing. 

These easy to wear and easy to own clothes are a must-have for those who don’t want to waste time and money keeping their wardrobe looking presentable.
Travel Essentials

If you travel much, you know the joy of having some essential pieces of travel clothing that you can pull from your luggage, give a quick shake, and be able don without worrying about whether you packed your travel iron or the outlet adapter. A couple of mix and match pieces, and a stylish dress are all you need for a weekend getaway. 

Perhaps the best part about travel clothing is that they are well suited for day-to-day wear as well.

Low Maintenance

Just as with people, there are two types of clothing:  high maintenance and low maintenance. 

High maintenance clothing is fine if you have an entourage to help you as you strive for perfection.  Perfectly coiffed hair, impeccable clothing with nary a wrinkle and flawless make-up can be a high standard to live up to. 

Those of us without an entourage have to take fashion shortcuts. Wash and wear clothing can give the illusion that you took more time and care in picking out your ensemble. You get to look amazing without wasting precious hours ironing—time that could be spent watching reality television or playing video games.

Fabric Matters

Before you invest in that super cute shirt or those darling slacks, check the label. When you want clothes that you can wash and wear without a lot of fuss, the fabric matters … a lot!

Choose fabrics that are wrinkle resistant, such as cotton/poly, rayon blends, cotton/Lycra, and jersey. Other good options are knit fabrics, including cotton knits, wool blend knits, and cotton blended knits. These fabrics are known for their ability to hold their shape and stay wrinkle free.

Some fabrics require a considerable amount of time and effort to maintain and should be avoided at all costs; don’t be tempted to buy a piece of clothing based on looks alone. Consider the time, effort, and expense involved in keeping the article of clothing clean and ready to wear. Will it require dry cleaning? Ironing? Line drying? Does it need to be washed separately? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it fails the “wash and wear” test. 

Even if an article of clothing seems inexpensive or is on sale, the cost of caring for the clothing may make it more expensive than it initially seems.

Be Realistic

Sometimes we buy things for the life we wished we lived, rather than the life we really live. Like that pasta maker that you were certain would result in you serving your family homemade noodles every night, but really only serves to take up space in the cabinet. Or like the treadmill that you were going to wake up an hour early to work out on, but which really only holds the clothes you haven’t gotten around to hanging up, yet.

When you buy clothing, consider whether you need clothes that can sit in the dryer all night and then be tugged over your head without much more than a quick smoothing of the material. If so, then you should invest in wash and wear clothing--and avoid the ritzy materials that need more attention than an aging heiress.

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