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What to put in your purse

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Give your purse a break when you put the right things in it
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Know what to put in your purse to be organized and ready for anything

There's nothing more frustrating than digging down deep into your overfilled purse only to find out that you don't have a pen. Or that business card you need.

But with a little preparation you can learn what to put in your favorite purse -- and what to leave at home. That way, you're ready for almost anything without feeling like you're carrying around everything you own!


You'd think that every purse would have at least a couple of pens in it, but it seems that whenever most women look for one, it's no where to be found. Before you leave the house, make sure your handbag includes at least two working pens -- and make sure they're closed or capped so they can't leak and ruin your bag.

Business card holder

Even in the age of digital everything, business cards are critical to business and personal networking. Keep yours neat and handy in a business card case. And add a second case or pouch for those you collect through-out the day. That way, you can sort through them each night to follow up, file them for future use, or add important business cards to your wallet for regular reference.


A good wallet is a must-have when you're deciding what to put in your purse. Make sure yours has a space to securely store your credit cards and ID. A wallet that offers a zipper section for cash is a good way to keep your money from accidentally slipping out, too.

Emergency kit

You know those samples get of lotion?  Or those tiny sample size bottles of nail polish? Gather those, along with a compact tampon, a single packet of spot remover, two threaded needles (one white, one black -- use a Post-It folded over to keep them from coming apart), two buttons (one white, one black), a twist tie, a rubber band, a single standard size bandage, two pain relievers, a wrapped breath mint, and a small nail file and put them all in a little zipper pouch. This little packet will work wonders in all kinds of emergencies!

Keep extras of each item in a drawer at home, so you can refill your pouch whenever you use something.

Purse holder

No one likes to put their purse on the floor.  But when you're in a restaurant or office, there may not be space on the table, especially if there are several women at the table. That's where a purse holder can work wonders.  These tiny accessories fold up to about the size of a silver dollar, but open up to allow you to securely hang your pocketbook from almost any table edge!

Cell phone charger

As much as we love our smart phones, they are incredible power hogs. And that means having a recharger handy is important.  Keep a compact or retractable phone charger in your purse, and you'll never have to face that blank screen again.


It may be old school, but having some cash on hand in your purse can come in handy for everything from parking meters to a quick run through the drive-through for a soda.  And with many stores setting minimum purchases for using a credit or debit card, having cash could save you from spending more just to reach the limit.


No, you don't want to carry your entire makeup kit with you.  But having a few items in your purse at all times can make on-the-go touch-ups possible. Get a small zipper bag, and add a duplicate of your favorite lipstick, a sample size of your foundation, one or two make-up remover pads, and a bottle of your current nail polish to fix chips.

Small brush and mirror

A compact brush and a folding purse mirror are must-haves for your pocketbook, too.

Small address/phone book

How many of your friends' cell phone numbers do you know? We're used to punching in names and having numbers dial themselves.  But what happens if your phone shuts down or you can't get a signal?  Adding a tiny booklet with important numbers will save the day if you need to get in touch with someone and your phone won't share its database of numbers.

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