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What to wear in Las Vegas

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The sexier you dress, the better you'll be treated
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The goal when it comes to Vegas fashion is to stand out, be seen, get noticed.

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas doesn't just begin and end on the casino floor. Vegas is considered a high-fashion city where celebrities blend with tourists, and in order to get the VIP treatment, you have to dress to impress.

While jeans and sneakers are fine for seeing the sights, once the sun goes down the fashionistas come out. If you want to compete, it's imperative you know exactly what to wear in Las Vegas nightclubs.

Vegas nightclubs are dripping in sleek fashion, much like the desert city's East Coast counterparts Miami and New York City. If you are going to some of the swankier clubs (think velvet rope), you better not show up in attire that's been thrown together at the last minute (and still plan to get in). The goal is to stand out, be seen, get noticed. And to make friends with the bouncer!

What to Wear in Las Vegas - Men

Guys, ditch the "man uniform" (the untucked collared shirt with jeans) unless you wear it better than your buddies or spice it up with a slick tie. If t-shirts are more your style, keep in mind that some clubs may not allow them. A good rule of thumb if you absolutely must don your t-shirt - choose a nice one (translation: not dirty or inappropriate) and wear a sport coat over it, especially if you're wearing jeans.

When it comes to shoes, play it safe with casual dress shoes, specifically Euro-style. And whatever you do, don't wear white sneakers. Anywhere. In Vegas, you can't go wrong with black shoes. Oh, and lose the hat and sunglasses unless you're famous.

What to Wear in Las Vegas - Women

Ladies, sex rules in Vegas. The sexier you dress, the better you'll be treated - and this often means jumping the line at certain Vegas hot spots. Your main goal is impressing the bouncer.

Sexy dresses that show a lot of skin are the style du jour. Your little black dress will work here, too. And don't confuse sexy with flashy, or worse, tacky. There's already enough glitter in Vegas.

Make sure you bring your sexiest shoes, whether they are strappy open-toed high heels or stiletto boots. The higher the better.

For women, accessories can make or break what to wear in Las Vegas nightclubs. A small clutch is necessary to hold your personal items, but don't tote something that screams plain Jane. Your purse should have character, maybe even sparkle a little.

Bracelets, preferably of the diamond variety, are hot in Vegas. But if you - or your significant other - can't afford diamonds, opt for the dangly bangle bracelets (and maybe diamond earrings instead).

Put some effort into planning what to wear in Las Vegas before you go. Go shopping, splurge on something swanky. Besides, if the motto is true - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - then live it up! What do you have to lose? Your shirt? (Only on a bad gamble!)

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