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What to wear when surfing

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Boardshorts allow surfers to look stylish and move the way they want.
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You don't have to substitute style for functionality when deciding what to wear

You don't need to forget about fashion just because you are hitting the waves. In fact, the water is the perfect place to wear stylish, yet functional clothes while you are surfing. Not only will you attract attention because of your killer moves, but all eyes will be on you when you wear fresh, high-quality surf gear and apparel.

It's easy to decide what to wear when you go surfing--clothes that allow you to both move and look the way you want. Your clothes should reflect your style, but should also contain the latest in surf gear technology. Don't settle for boring clothes that move well, or attractive clothes that are too restrictive. Pick surf clothing that makes you look good and help you to surf even better.

In general, its easier for guys to decide what to wear when surfing. Typically, wet suits are usually the answer. Wet suits will help to keep you warm while surfing and can also protect you from the elements; however, if you are looking for a more natural, intense experience, consider boardshorts, also called boardies. Boardshorts are shorts that come in a variety of lengths and colors, that aren't too tight and fit just right. Surfers can choose from boardshorts that are classic in style or those that are bright and bold. With such a wide variety to choose from, every surfer is bound to find a style and pattern that fits him. However, keep in mind that if you decide to wear boardshorts, you should accompany them with a high SPF or something else to cover your top, such as a t-shirt or insulator jacket.

For surfing girls, what to wear when surfing may be a bit harder to decide. While you do want to look good, wearing an adorable bikini or bathing suit isn't always the best idea, as rough waves or a few tumbles can result in a couple of extremely embarrassing moments. Consider giving a stylish rashguard a try. Available in long, short and cap sleeves, rashguards are form-fitting shirts that let you to look cute but protect you from the elements. Rashguards aren't as binding as wet suits, but provide way more protection than your standard swimsuit. Pair your rashguard with board shorts made for women. Make sure to keep your skin protected by applying adequate amounts of sun block to your entire body, including your feet. 

Along with your surf clothing, you also need to make sure your surf gear looks good. Keep your board with you at all times with a sturdy, yet happenin' leash that will hang on to your board even in the roughest of waves. Protect your board when it's not in the water by keeping it covered in a high-quality board bag. In addition, fins make the perfect accessory for boards to keep them looking and performing good. And don't forget to sport a cool traction pad.

It is also important to look good after you've spent the day surfing the waves. Whether you're going to a bonfire on the beach, or just relaxing after a long day in the water, spruce up your look with stylish surf fashion. Dresses or jumpers that flatter your body, combined with sandals that make your feet beautiful is the perfect get-up for surfer girls out of the water. Of course, never underestimate the classic look of a hot bikini top paired with tight boardshorts and flip flops. Guys can rock a classic t-shirt with a pair of flattering shorts for the perfect beach look or go au natural with a pair of boardies and themselves. 

When choosing what to wear when surfing, don't compromise style for functionality. Embrace clothing that allows you to swim and surf, but look fashionable at the same time.

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