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When to wear a motorcycle jacket

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motorcycle jacket
Celebs embrace biker fashion
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Motorcycle jackets can be worn most anywhere

Not everyone rides a motorcycle but that doesn't mean you can't look as cool as those who do. The real answer to when to wear a motorcycle jacket is actually, "Whenever you want to!"

Keep in mind, bikers wearing this garment do so because it provides protection from the elements and in the event of a crash. The material used is protective leather not fashion leather. Kangaroo leather is often used because of its strength, light weight and suppleness in comparison to cowhide.

Moto fashion 

Motorcycle style is called 'moto fashion' or 'moto trend.' Wearing biker-esque articles is edgy and a bit macho but looks great on females. The standard in moto fashion is black leather but you can purchase other colors, including deep blue.

Moto fashion isn't exclusively about leather. Garments are also created out of wool, linen, denim and cotton in addition to leather and faux leather. 

Wearing a moto jacket with, for example, high heels is a good way to juxtaposition hard edges with soft. Combining a pastel cashmere scarf with a black biker jacket is another way to mix the biker edge with feminine.

Consider pairing your jacket with skinny jeans or leather pants. And, no, they do not have to be denim or black. Choose from green, red, grey, blue or burgundy. 

Women riders and non-riders alike can pick from outstanding garments including jackets made of faux leather featuring print lining and an asymmetrical placket, which is seriously cool looking. A placket is an opening at the sleeve or neck, or in the upper part of a skirt or pants. Plackets can be purely design elements or incorporated into the garment for ease of putting on and taking off the piece. 

Choose a jacket featuring an envelope collar or one that is belted. There are many styles, silhouettes, designs and colors to pick from including vintage styles sporting distressed exteriors and multiple pockets. 

These jackets are not bulky. They are modern and slim-fitting with an ageless attitude.


The real McCoy biker jacket is thicker and heavier than similar jackets designed as every day wear. "Leathers" were originally adapted from the tank corps gear worn in World War I. Leather chaps are sometimes part of the ensemble.

Contemporary leathers are equipped with armor on the inside, stragetically placed at 'impact regions,' such as the back, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. Some jackets include airbags that inflate when an accident occurs.

The garment typically features weatherproof pockets and closure, large zips, high collars and designed to be longer in the back than the front to protect the rider's backside when riding. The rider often leansforward, exposing his backside to the elements.

Authentic bikers dress to safeguard themselves. Fashion is not their priority. Leather gloves are worn to protect hands and fingers holding onto a handlebar and throttle for long periods of time. This puts wear and tear on the hand, tiring it. Additionally, because the hands are covered in leather they are protected to some extent in the event of a wreck.

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