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When to wear a one piece swimsuit

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Betty Grable
Opt for a Betty Grable poster girl retro swimsuit
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For glamor and sex appeal know when to wear a one piece swimsuit

Love the retro look and trying to decide when to wear a one piece swimsuit and ditch the bikini? Letís count the (numerous) reasons when this style is preferable to a two piece.

If you are into watersports -- skiing, jet skiing, tubing, scuba diving, you name it -- a suit that isnít going to drop down or fall off, exposing your buttocks or breasts, is a better option. You do not want to be in the midst of an athletic pursuit while simultaneously tugging at your bottoms or top perilously close to falling off. Awkward.

Some women simply prefer more coverage than a two piece provides. They do not want to put their midsection on display or choose to spend the entire afternoon sucking in their stomachs, which are a problem for many females, who have had babies, gained weight, never quite lost their baby fat and do not boast the taut abs they once possessed before pregnancy. Their belly is not their favorite region and they donít want to show it off.

Older, menopausal women often experience post-middle age spread and waist thickening. They, too, often opt for more coverage when on the beach or at the pool.

There are various kinds of one piece swimsuits available and ripe for the picking. When shopping, keep looking until you find one complimenting and flattering your particular body type. Itís out there. Do not fear: A one piece can be every bit as pretty, glamorous and sexy as a two piece.

Consider a suit featuring one shoulder strap and mesh netting, draped over one shoulder. Vavavoom! Or one with strappy cut out details in the front in a vibrant color. Go for the gusto. Regardless of your age, you do not have to stick with a plain black suit.

Another option is the tankini, which is two pieces, but the top covers your midsection unlike a conventional two-piece.  Many are choosing to go this route when selecting swimming attire because itís the best of both worlds. Because the tankini top and bottom are separates, you can mix and match.

Consider a monokini, which appears to be a one piece but features cut outs in the front. Some look like a bikini from the back. This provides more coverage than a bikini but less than a traditional one piece.

Unfortunately, due to breast cancer, many women have undergone mastectomies, which makes purchasing flattering swimwear a challenge. Consider a suit featuring bilateral bra pockets, and a front crocheted panel, which is a little bit revealing but not over the top.

Do not think for one second that you have become matronly because you are opting not to wear a two piece anymore. The bathing suits of the modern era are not reminiscent of what your grandmother or great-grandmother wore. They do not scream OLD! Even women with perfect bodies are choosing to forgo the two-piece just because they want to and can.

Pick one featuring lace-up details or crisscrossed straps. Look for those with high cut legs, which lengthen your gams and make you look taller and slimmer.

Opt for an eye catching pattern or neon color. Choose a retro-style (think of Betty Grableís famous poster shot.) These are flattering and reminiscent of Hollywood in its heydey when it was all about glamour. If you have an hourglass shape, this may be the best choice for you.

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