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When to wear a special occasion hat

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A hat with netting adds drama and high fashion to a special look
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Know when to wear a special occasion hat and make a unique fashion statement

For most women, coordinating an outfit to match the theme of an occasion can be a very entertaining process in itself.  From matching the shoe to the purse, make-up to the dress, man to the party, trying to balance all these different combination's takes much thought and sometimes a few dares.

You want your look to be a head-turner, so why not make a statement and wear a special occasion hat!

When to wear a special occasion hat takes a bit of fashion savvy and a sense of personal style. Hats can be worn to any occasion; the trick is in picking out the right one. Here are five places suitable for hat-wearing.

The "Going-to-Church" Hat:

When picking out a hat for church, you have to take into consideration the people sitting behind you, so stay away from tall hats. Choose one that sits right above the head, one or two inches in height. Since you can't make a statement by the size of the hat, try choosing a hat with embellishments such as rhinestones, fur or lace trims. Just have fun with it!

The "Derby" Hat:

Okay ladies. This is when you can get crazy. No limits. For this occasion, you want color, you want big, and you want bold. Go ahead...knock them out! And I mean literally. For this occasion, wear a hat so big and wide that you actually knock someone out. As for color, it's easy, just match the hat to the dress. If the dress is pink, wear a big pink hat. It's that simple. And don't worry about blocking the person's view behind you, everyone should be too excited to be sitting down.

The "Lunch-with-the-Ladies" Hat:

Yes it's perfectly fine to wear a hat to lunch, and it's a great conversation starter. If you just met these ladies, and are trying to get to know them, don't be afraid to wear a hat that expresses your personality. Just remember that it's only lunch, so don't go overboard.  You want to be an attraction, not a distraction.

The "Wedding" Hat:

Wearing a hat to a wedding is a great way to dress-up your look. If worn correctly, it shows you have confidence and style. Just remember to keep the bride in mind when choosing a hat. Never wear something that takes away any attention from her. This is her day, not yours!

The "Dinner Date" Hat:

He wants to take you out to a fancy restaurant, and you're having a hard time deciding whether to play it safe and go with grandma's pearls, or take a risk and wear the new cocktail hat you bought on-line. Since this article is all about wearing hats, then the answer is wear a hat!  Wearing a hat shows you are confident and collected, and to a man nothing is sexier than confidence.

Always remember, hats are meant to add to your look, not take away from it.  Make sure the hat is fit for the occasion, but most importantly have fun!

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