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When to wear white underwear

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White underwear are anything but matronly
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Wear white underwear when you are wearing white or light-colored clothing

Those who wear white pants should ALWAYS wear white underwear. White pants are often see-through. No one wants a peek at your purple polka-dotted thong underneath your nursing pants or white capris.

It used to be that underwear only came in white. The options were certainly limited. It hasnít been that long ago since "tightie-whities" were what men and women and children alike wore.

Now there are a variety of styles, colors, shapes, textures, patterns and materials to choose from when purchasing underwear. However, you must keep in mind that bold, colorful, patterned underpants will show through when you are wearing white pants, skirts or dresses.

White underpants are not necessarily boring or matronly. There are very pretty white undies out there just waiting for you to purchase them and slip into them. 

Even more importantly than the color of your Ďfoundationí garments Ė except, of course when wearing white which mandates white or at least nude undies Ė is the comfort of your underpants. When wearing a pair that doesnít fit, that is too tight or too big or the elastic is shot or the back slips up over your butt cheeks and into your nether regions this is extremely annoying and uncomfortable.

It may take some trial and error before you get it down pat, but eventually you will figure out if you like briefs, low rise, bikinis, thongs, high cut (this writerís choice), boy shorts, hipsters, shapewear, cotton, silk, satin, microfiber or nylon. Itís kind of like figuring how which hose are the right ones for you. There are so many too choose from that it takes some time and effort to narrow it down and find your favorite go to underpants.

One of the mandated fashion dictates of yore was that white pants and white shoes were never to be worn after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. However, that rule has pretty much gone by the wayside considering that there is now winter white, and various fabrics created out of white that are intended for autumn and fall wear. 

In warm climates, people gravitate toward white clothing because itís cooler. White does not absorb heat as darker fabrics do. Consider that when in the bright sunlight, your white skirt or shorts or pants may be even more see-through than you realized. 

Regardless of the season, if you are wearing white pants or a white skirt or dress do not forget about your underwear. Not only will dark-colored underwear show through but panty lines are going to be visible under white pants. That is why it is imperative that you wear white or nude undies. A perfectly good-looking outfit can be ruined because the wearer forgot to consider her underwear, and the only thing people are looking at is her panty line or the pink stripes of her underpants.

Chinos arenít as thin are their white-pant predecessors were so a manís underwear probably isnít going to show through, although a man may want to err on the side of caution and wear white underwear just to be safe. 

Of course, there are those randy souls that like to go commando, wearing nothing underneath. To each his own. 

Furthermore, always heed your motherís warning: WEAR CLEAN UNDERWEAR. You never know when you might get caught with your pants down. 

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