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Where to find discount designer glasses

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You can get these glasses for pretty cheap
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Savvy and thrifty fashionistas know where to find discount designer glasses

When we start looking for prescription glasses, the first thing that often hits us is the cost! It seems as if the particular branch of the medical division knows that people who are looking to buy glasses need them and because of this they can be priced quite high.

Luckily for all of us who have to buy eyeglasses, there are some places we can turn that will allow us to not break the bank when we have to purchase a new pair. The Internet is the perfect resource for a number of different places that can actually save us a pretty penny on eyewear.

The key to knowing which site to use is knowing you should not be using the first site you run across. While the web has given us plenty of tools to save money, the negative is there are plenty of locations that are going to give you lower quality products in exchange for the lower price tag.

Discount eyeglasses are a big business and there are a couple of sites that have managed to take advantage of that popularity while still saving you some of your hard earned cash.

Glasses Specialty Stores

Glasses stores online are often the first place to shop. These can be found with a simple search for "eyeglasses." Look for stores that offer complete services online for the best deals - you simply provide your prescription and then choose the frames you like.

Look for a site where you can go when you want to find a spot that sells discount designer glasses. The site offers everything you expect and it has a wide array of different glasses all at much lower prices than what you often find online.

Not only do discount glasses stores online already have very low priced lenses and frames but the company has gone the extra mile by offering up a low price guarantee. This means if you can find the pair of glasses you want for less, anywhere else on the web, you can bring proof of that lower price and they will match it.

This certainly isn't a new concept but its one you don't often hear when talking about a pair of eyewear.

Thrift and Second Hand Stores

You can often find funky and retro designer glass frames at discount stores. Check the inside of the arm for any designer names and then try them on. If they still have lenses from the previous owner, don't pop them out - you might break the frame.

Take your discovery to your local optometrist and have a professional fit and make the glasses with your current prescription.

Local Optometrists

Watch your sales flyers, newspaper or Groupon for deals on eyeglasses from a local optometrist. Buy one pair, get one free is a great money-saver and usually happens at least twice a year.

You can also ask the staff when they expect a discount on the frames that you like best. Sometimes last year's styles do go on sale, just like clothing at the mall!

Big Box Chain Stores

Don't discount stores like Walmart, JC Penny and Sears. They may not sound "cool" but they usually have a good selection of designer frames. These stores also run sales and offers, and they can be substantially less expensive than shopping at a high-end optometrist.

Check your Insurance Policy

Many health insurance policies have some level of vision care. Sometimes there is a contribution available toward frames and lenses; this can make designer-type frames more affordable. If you don't have vision insurance, you might consider purchasing a stand-alone policy.

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